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As an artist, mosaic is a very practical way to express my thoughts, feelings and ideas even my hope. Working with the old techniques and giving innovation with creativity makes me happy in this area. Meanwhile mosaic always takes time and it gives me growth and strenght. Sometimes the work wears a different cloth than the first thought of it. So amazement and fun is always there.

Artist Exhibitions

2016 Gaziantep Mosaic and painting group exhibition

03.2015 All Women Online Exhibition@Light Space Time Online Gallery

05.2014 Mayısın Getirdikleri – Karma sergi @Ressamlar Derneği Sanatevi

15-27 .03.2014 BeyoÄŸlu MozaiÄŸi -Karma mozaik sergisi @Ressamlar DerneÄŸi Sanatevi

1-7 .11.2013 Işık İşçileri – Lightworkers @ Beylerbeyi Palace Tünel Art Gallery

14-21.06.2013 Hiç Bitmeyen Oyun – The Never Ending Game @Yeşilköy Sanat Evi ve Kent Müzesi

25-27.04.2013 Phosphoros @Ä°spirtohane solo exhibition

01.04.2013 – 16.04.2013 Eye Of The Tiger Kaplan Gözü @Atatürk Kitaplığı Gallery solo exhibition

22.02.2013 – 04.03.2013 Back To The Future Geleceğe Dönüş @ Şişli Belediyesi solo exhibition

05.03.2012 Online mosaic exhibition solo exhibition

New Beginnings – Yeni Başlangıçlar


12.02.2012 – 24.02.2012 Mosaic and ceramic exhibition at Hür Coach Academy

Exhibition was at the same time with the opening of the Hür Coach Academy. In the opening we had a violin concert, violinist played our favourite songs and we had photos with her violin. I had good time in the opening of my exhibition. My family and some mosaic friends visited us. Through the day I made a mosaic workshop with the visitors of the Hür Coach Academy. It was a good Sunday

25 .05.2011 – 10.06.2011 Mosaic and ceramic exhibition – Useful Breaks and Ceramic Love

At Sefaköy Kültür Merkezi I made my first solo exhibition while a ceramic artist had her first solo exhibition there.

01.10.2010 – 07.10.2010 Mosaic exhibition on the theme “Istanbul”

With 11 artists we made an exhibition at Taksim Metro Art Gallery

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