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Please check back soon. I am in the process of getting my artist statement finalized.

Artist Exhibitions

2008: The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library in Budapest

Cover art for Descant Magazine, Issue 131, with an eight page image portfolio.

Solo: Howl, time-based poetic installation, Hamilton Public Library.
Des Traveaux, Wordsmith, Hamilton, ON -paintings, mixed media.
Necromantic, Hamilton Artists Inc., ON -mixed media, installation, music, poem. Reviewed.
Objet Inexplicable, Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, ON -mixed media, sound. Reviewed.
Red October, Creative Arts Warehouse, Hamilton, ON -mixed media, photography, installation. Reviewed.
Pointed Portraits III, Earl’s Court Gallery, Hamilton, ON
Des Traveaux, Rama, Niagara Falls, ON -mixed media.
Des Traveaux, Arts Council Gallery, Hamilton, ON -mixed media.
Home, Espresso Cafe, Hamilton, ON -mixed media.
Bombing Ourselves Backwards, Petteplace Gallery, Hamilton, ON -mixed media, installation, sound, poem. Reviewed.
Time Stopped, Petteplace Gallery -mixed media, film, music, sound, poem. Reviewed.

Two-person: Even the most fragile of passing moments has its antecedents, RCA Visual Gallery, St. John’s, NL -mixed media. CBC radio interview / review.
Sister~Family~Home, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, ON
-mixed media.
Behind the Mask, Spectator Gallery, Hamilton, ON -mixed media, photography. Reviewed.

Three-person: Sister~Family~Home, Burlington Art Centre, ON -mixed media.
Tarnished Angel, Bauhaus, Hamilton, ON -mixed media.
Through the Cracks, Earl’s Court, Hamilton, ON -mixed media. Reviewed.

Group: Compassion, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON -installation with Jason Avery and Fiona Kinsella.
Public Hanging / Red October, Eaton Centre, Hamilton, ON
-manipulated photograph. Reviewed.
Red October Miniatures, Broadway Gallery, Hamilton, ON
-mixed media.
A Red Ribbon Affair, Art Gallery of Hamilton, ON -manipulated photograph. Reviewed. A Red October event.
Lust and Etiquette AND Reading the Image, Gallery 435, Hamilton, ON -mixed media, installation. Reviewed.
Masque, Acanthus Gallery, Woodstock, New York -mixed media.
The Go Show, CN Station, Hamilton, ON -mixed media.
Charitable: Artopia, Hamilton Artists Inc., ON -mixed media; Annual, Transit Gallery, Hamilton, ON -mixed media; X3, Ace Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba -bookworks....

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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