Artist Statement -

Paul Machalaba is a cutting edge artist specializing in large welded aluminum sculptures with a contemporary cast look. His pieces can be found coast to coast in private estates and in city centers at prominent corporate locations. Growing up in rural Vermont, but spending years in Florida, he is now well known for bringing a youthful fresh style to the northeast. Working from his studio in laid back Woodstock VT, he strives to find the perfect balance of motion and rigidity in a unique blend of sleek calligraphy inspired works with zero visable welds. His portfolio has a wide variety of styles that show a broad range of inspiration in different series, yet are easily identifiable as being from the same artist. He has been quoted as saying I love to explore different styles, from elegant to abstract graffiti. So many artists either have many different variations of designs that look the same, or no consistency. I feel that its the same with many rock bands on the radio. Some bands songs all kind of sound the same, but the legendary bands have a deep rooted consistency, yet every song is a completely new experience. I want all of my art to match the greatest bands, full of fresh new looks but solidly structured in an easily spotted signature style.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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