Artist Statement -

Paweł Sadowski - a member of the Warsaw District of the Association of Polish Visual Artists. A painter with a solid workshop, where the woman and her body in original entourage is the main source of his inspiration.

Women in Sadowskis paintings are presented subtly and boldly. On the one hand, their delicacy is shown whereas on the other hand the strength resulting from their delicacy is shown, too. The painter’s characters often make eye contact with the observer and take different poses as if they want to demonstrate something, to confront the recipient showing him or her who has the actual power over the relationship between them. They are the main subject determining the composition, affecting the mood and harmony of the work created. They dominate the observer.

At the same time, the painter tries to show the delicacy and beauty of the female body. Every nuance, gesture and facial expression is idealized and enhanced. The subtle expression of the character reveals the authors sensitivity to detail, so important in his painting. It shows that under the mask of a strong personality, a delicate and emotional counterpart can be hidden. A kind of alter ego a defense mechanism of many people.

The artist’s painting is unique because of its balance, strength and delicacy. It is intended for the viewer who doesn’t only look for aesthetic satisfaction but also tries to explore the qualities of the subjects portrayed.

The multiplicity of this type of painting also hides the context and environment in which the painted women are presented. Alternately, he uses surreal, fantastic, abstract and symbolic elements, creating unspoken stories in which the main subject, a woman, becomes only an excuse to show a deeper sense and a wider perspective of the phenomena occurring in the real world titles Prominence, Elements and mechanisms operating in the psychological sphere title Sublimation. These paintings are not a comment on everyday reality.

In the color scheme, the painter often uses a triad or a broken object. In his paintings, the colors broken and subdued in the background, give way to a clean and intense foreground, creating a subtle color perspective. He treats saturation as a compositional factor. On the one hand, it gives mood and harmony, on the other hand, there is a hierarchy of individual elements, giving the viewer some direction as to the elements that are important for a given work.

The painter describes his works as something that is created from an internal need, resulting from the passing away of the human individual, his relationship with the world and his place in society. He consistently gives us his own perception of reality in an original and deserving way. This idea becomes the most important form of artistic expression.

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