Artist Statement -

I am a self taught artist and musician although life has given me many teachers .

I think the main thing that gets me going are the old questions " why are we here ? " and " what is the real meaning of all this ? "

I first started working with digital imagery in the mid 1990's and developed my style over the next few years . It was something I ' fell ' into and followed my nose , experimenting with different styles and concepts .The early symmetries or mirror images of nature I found particularly fascinating as they seemed to suggest that there really is a hidden force ( check out the nature galleries ). As I progressed I started adding filters and waves to create movement and this eventually led to producing pure abstractions .

After building a portfolio of still images I then started using digital video editing software to produce moving visual landscapes where I could distort and melt images together producing a new world of imagery using my own music for the soundtracks. I have been involved in several underground art organisations and exhibitions which have included multi-media theatre shows with actors, musicians, projections and d.js and have evolved art shows where the art is exhibited alongside the video projections and musical performances.

Future projects will be based on mythology , studies of the human form , the esoteric and driftwood sculptures ( which basically involves searching for driftwood which has been already sculpted by the sea into animal forms )

Please contact me for commisions , comments and info

Artist Exhibitions

Exhibitions in 2003
INSPIRED ARTS 2 - 5th October 2003
Atlantis , the old Truman Brewery , Brick lane , London
ARCH GALLERY 13-27th July Muswell Hill , London...

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