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Before you start read my profile, I must anounce that I am already back in Europe . I moved back so my contact changed .Here is my new tel. number - it's cellphone and new adress is :
Peter Kulik , Palackeho 4445 , 430 01 Chomutov , Czech republic

I was born at 1969 in Czech republic .At 1975 I started study painting art at Art school , in the same time i studied martial arts at Sport school ,both at Chomutov, Czech republic
During my studies at high school a graduated in all of levels of painting art and continued study at different schools and seminars of painting art and martial art .
High school
Masaryk University of Veterinary Medicine Brno, Czech republic /1987 - 1993 / ,/student of veterinary medicine,also worked at university like instructor of martial arts
From 1987 - 1992 amateur theatre /actor /
1990 - 1994 - actor at professional musical theatre Cantus Nova
- publishing my poetry and stories in Community of writers and poets "Spona" Brno
!993 - 1995 - worked like psychologist at GC System /computer and software company / ,where I was working at - psychological profiles of employees ,coworkers
- seminars about business and behavior psychology
- accepting and recommending new employees
- building new strategy of business using psychological knowledge's
- seminars and coordinator of presentations GC System Company
Another job experiences :
-Security officer at DEA Security company
-Teacher of biology and self-defense at Law High school Brno
-Instructor of Martial Arts at Masaryk University of Veterinary Medicine Brno
-Teacher at Diagnostic Hospital Brno /section for children from 15 - 18 age with drugs,alcohol, family and other problems
-professional actor at musical theatre Cantus Nova
-private expert for Human Resources in Brno /I was working for different companies - psychological profiles of employees and coworkers , seminars about behavior psychology and business psychology /

My skills :
Martial arts - started at 1975
1975 - 1985 -judo
1980 - 1982 - karate Shotokan
1977 - wu shu /still continuing in study/
1987 - Centrum of Martial Arts Brno
1988 - student of Private Tae Kwon Do school of master Bravo
1988 - student of private Kung Fu school Brno
1988 - I opened my own private Wu shu school at Brno
1990 - teacher of Kung Fu at Elementary school ,Obla Brno

Painting art :
started at 1975 at School of Arts Chomutov
1975 - 1982 - at Elementary school - winner of many contests and prices in Czech republic /different competitions /
1985 - continuing study of painting art at Continuing higher level classes of arts ,Chomutov
1985 - member of North Bohemia Artist Community
- exhibitions of my art at Culture Centrum Chomutov
1987 - teacher of painting art at Centrum of Public Art Zatec
1987 - 1993 - exhibitions of my fine art at Masaryk University of Veterinary Medicine Brno
1999 - member of member of Key West Art Community participating art shows at Mallory square Key West
2000 - member of Monroe Council of the Art Key West
Theatre :
1988 - 1992 - actor of Amateur Theatre "Theatre on the Street "
1992 - 1995 - actor at professional musical theatre Cantus Nova Brno

Music :
- started at 1975 at School of Arts Chomutov /painting art .violin,trumpet /
1985 - continuing study at Continuing higher level classes of musical arts Chomutov /trumpet /
- like folk singer and songwriter at competitions PORTA
1998 - concerts at Cultural Centrum Lisen Brno /folk singer and songwriter /

Poetry and stories :
1985 - publishing stories and poetry at Cultural Centrum Chomutov
1990 - publishing poetry and stories at Community of poets and writers 'Spona " Brno
2000 - publishing stories and poetry on the internet at ,www. , www. osud .cz , etc.

Another activities :
-psychic reading - palm reading, typology, numerology, astrology ,chinese natural medicine
-natural healing - using traditional chinese medicine, acupressure, herbs ,energy healing
-student of Mahesvarananda yoga centrum

My another interests :
-nature and wildlife ,animals ,
-psychology,etology,parapsychology ,ESP ,
-natural healing, herbs, traditional chinese medicine ,eticotherapy,astrology ,numerology ,palm reading,typology , energy healing ,yoga
-martial arts ,painting art ,music, poetry and writing stories
-abilities and talent of people - I am trying to help others to find and develop their talent and abilities

Artist Exhibitions

Czech republic :
Cultural Centrum Chomutov
Cultural Centrum Zatec
Masaryk's University of Veterinary Medicine Brno

USA Florida :
Mallory Square Artshow Key West
Saint Paul's Church exbition Key West
Key West Terminal Airport Artspace
Gallery on th coener Key West

Sculpturists symposium 2002 in Vintirov Czech republic

also online exhibitions at :

2010 - Caffe Savoy , Brno Czech republic...

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