Artist Statement -

We constantly experience input of information into our minds. This does not necessarily form conscious knowledge. Rather it may be unformatted environmental impingements, all exposure to the elements and resulting psychical and physical changes come from this.
Traveling in different places and changing environments enhances this input. You just have to be attentive to details, fleeting occurrences. Tales, folklore, other media events and old myths can all be helpful. Insight, as well as providing an immeasurable source of information, consolidates everything.
My task as an artist is to put these data on paper or onto whatever material I am working with at the moment.
Diverse mediums such as: printmaking, digital graphics, stage design for concert dance, performance art, installation, sculpture, photography bond me as a creator with art.
The human body has always been a central interest to artists. Movement adds a new dimension to the human personality. This is why both in photography and performance art my subjects often are movement of the human body and dance. Though sometimes vestigial human presence in surrounding ambiance is enough.
I do not look purposefully for materials for my works, though often ponder on a subject for a long time. Materials are often found by themselves, unintentionally. This is why in my printmaking I favor so much collagraph, where I can incorporate natural, discarded and found objects, which leave on paper bas-relief-like palpable indentations. Unpremeditated freely flowing lines, unexpected patterns are the rewards. I am fascinated with cloth for the same reason: creating spontaneous results with its folds and creases.
These techniques and the desire to be more precise in my work determine my way of usually working immediately, in situ, or site-specifically. That is to say, in a general environment, and not directly in nature as impressionists or Russian peredvizhniks did. Sometimes I finish pieces later but if too much time has passed I feel it very difficult to find the mood again.
I certainly have artistic influences, some good and some bad, retarding ones, but I favor abandonment as far as possible to the local idiom, at whatever place I am at the time.

Artist Exhibitions

2008 Drawing in Art for the House exhibition at The Shooting gallery,San Francisco.
Drawing in The Love Show exhibition at Gallery 146,San Francisco.
2007 Drawings in 7th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at Southern Exposure,San Francisco.
2006 Improvised drawings and dance performance in Raw and Uncut Festival at Shotwell Studios, San Francisco. Choreographer Martin A. David
Digital print at CounterPulse Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
Improvised drawings and dance performance in ...And Still Dancing at ODC Theater, San Francisco, USA. Choreographer Martin A. David.
2005 Digital prints and mixed media in Bayennale, Bay Area International Arts Festival at Cellspace, San Francisco, USA.
Digital prints and drawing in The Third Annual Art Nouveau at Whitney Young Cultural Center, San Francisco, USA.
Sculpture Convoluted in EcoArts, Lake County Sculpture Walk, Trailside Park, Middletown,
Digital print in 20th Annual Hospitality House Art Auction at Haley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
2004 Digital and collagraph prints and drawing in Nouveau Salon at Whitney Young Cultural Center. San Francisco, USA.
Sculpture True Faker in EcoArts, Lake County Sculpture Walk, Trailside Park, Middletown,
2003 Sculpture, prints, photography in Nouveau Salon at Whitney Young Cultural Center. San Francisco, USA.
Drawing in 18th Annual Hospitality House Art Auction at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, USA.

2002 Digital images at Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, USA.
Photography and mixed media in Wigged Out, Exhibition Party at Arty Pants Gallery, San Francisco, USA. Organized by ArtSalon.
TV installations, prints and performance "The Heroman" in "The TV Show", The Boon Project Juried Exhibition, The Warehouse, San Francisco, USA. Jurors: Mark Scandrette and David Starfas.
Digital graphics in The Flag Project at Culpepper Gallery, Abrons Arts Center, New York, USA
Collagraphs, photography and mixed media at Muddy's café, San Francisco, USA. Organized by ArtSalon.
Collagraph at Art with a Heart, Ritter House Juried Exhibition and Auction, San Rafael, California, USA. Jurors: Chester Arnold, Joanne Chappell, Robin Critelli, Charles H. Curley, Tyson
Installation at Sucky Tapioka café, San Francisco, USA. Organized by ArtSF.
Collagraphs at Build Gallery, San Francisco, USA. Organized by ArtSalon.
Digital graphics at Exit Art Gallery, New York, USA.
Sculpture Fly Like an Eagle at Christensenheller Gallery, Oakland, California, USA.
Prints, two-person exhibition at Backstage Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
2001 *Photography at The Youth Center of Northern Countries, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Performance Under the Straight Line in Exit, International Festival for Unusual Live-
Performances, Helsinki, Finland. Curated by Roi Vaara.
2000 Prints in CSW Cyber Art & Poetry Spring/Summer Show 2000, based in USA. Organized by Sandy Curtis.
Performance From Holland to New Holland in Emplacements, International Art Project, St.
Petersburg, Russia. Curated by Gail Pearce, Great Britain.
1999 * Al-Ferdous, The Rose Garden, works on paper at The Jordanian Association of Plastic Artists,
Amman, Jordan.

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