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Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and sculpture all come together into one application. For Alan's style, it's tricky to box-in defining what is a painting -- or a drawing. On paper, a plywood panel, or on something other than, his wide-range of content goes through a vigorous and rigorous process; for his process develops unique textured surfaces of engaging composed imagery. Layering ink-jet printed images with oil and plaster, these works have a wondrous sensibility. Subsequently Alan's work exemplifies unconventionality and experimentation from beguiling non-replicable affects.

In Alan's more recent "space" series, he appropriates images of his personal and virtual female acquaintances. These images launch inspiration for him to move his processes throughout additive and reductive techniques of exploration and invention. From multi-layering content along with sanding, scraping and wiping, many of the images do not survive for legibility. For him, it's ok; for it's a set up for the surfaces' development. One of several underlying metaphors: media facts and information often get filtered, favoritism, covered and/or lost. With the revealed or concealed images, elusive details serve to beckon the viewer into an investigation. His point strives for the viewer to not become disappointed, rather astonished and satisfied.

Alan creates art from his painting and life experience. In return, his works portray an autobiographically context, bringing forth boldness, sensitivity and playfulness with a dark spin. Here he asserts:
"I think of my paintings like our human psyche; for these art works also have layers amongst the surface. Psychological "barriers" and "marks" in a painting are the details worth tending, whether: apparent, nebulous, latent, welcomed, avoided, unbeknownst, realized and/or covered up. I see an inspiring and beautiful misery in people -- a kind of longing -- and the being having human experiences. I want to show it for others' empathy -- as a mirror likely.
To paint is a privilege and a favorable way to vent, invent and contribute from dealing with my own layers. I attempt to bridge the gap for others. One way is to provide my audience the opportunity to participate in a dialog of my work. Overall, if my art can impact beneficially where they get something for themselves, then, I have accomplished something most worthwhile."

Peter Alan, 2007

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