Artist Statement -

I believe that photography is a very unique and international language.
It is universally understood by all people throughout the world, regardless of their color, language, religion,
As a creative person, I focus their interests in specific areas:
- Fine Art Photography (as subject): everlasting charm and enduring female beauty (bodygraphia), Portrait, Nature, aesthetic searches by shape and color,experiment.

I shoots to create something special and unique for each subject and situation. My desire and passion to explore, learn and better himself is apparent to any eye that views my work. I thinks of himself as a photographic interpreter of beauty, with an eye for the details, shape, light and that turn a simple photo in to a aesthetic standard.

I do not time to stop, self-educating; experimenting, studying, and practicing are my primary enjoyments in life, and the results speak for themselves with images that capture each unique body, highlighting the curves and individuality of each subject and exploring the dynamic interplay between the two.
Nudes type scenes feature strongly in photos - controlled lighting, unusual shaping and all kinds of visual inspire me.

Don't expect my work to fade away anytime soon. My thirst for new adventures in photography drive me throughout daily life.
New challenges, new subjects, and new scenery are too inspiring for me to turn away from.
Put down the camera?
Why, it's my life.
Settle for less than extraordinary?
Not going to happen for a very long time. Keep your eyes open for new work, and expect to be challenged and thrilled with what you find!...

I've been doing the works since the early '80's, and I've written quite a few artists' statements about the art portfolio work. The more time goes by, the less adequate words seem to be, and the less interested I am in trying to talk about the pictures at all.
If words could 'do it' ... I'd be a writer ... but you've noticed, I am not one....

Artist Exhibitions

Exhibited fine art photos:
1980-2014 Germany, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, India, Turkey, DDR, Greece, Poland, Yugoslavia, Holland, Luxembourg, San Marino, China, Romania, Mexico, Latvia, Lebanon, Japan,USA.

Appearances and awards total:
More than 20 international awards.
More than 30 National Awards.
More than 50 Participation in international exhibitions, shows and competitions.
More than 100 Participation in national exhibitions, collections, shows and competitions.

International awards:
1980 Gold medal and Special prize from 6 Competition International Europe '80, Germany for fine art photo "Europa198 ...?!"
1980 Gold medal from the 3rd International Competition Student's Sofia, Bulgaria for "Nude".
1980 Silver medal from the 12th FIAP Fotoforum - Competition International for Slides, Denmark for fine art photo "II classe"
1980 Mention from VIII FIAP competition International Plovdiv, Bulgaria for fine art photo "Nude"
1982 Mention from the 14th FIAP Fotoforum for Slides, Germany for fine art photo "Nude"
1982 Gold medal from the 4th International Competition Student's Sofia, Bulgaria for "xxx".
1983 2nd award from International Competition Pentacon - ORWO, DDR for fine art photo "Nature"
1983 Mention from 4th International Photo art salon Thionville, France, for fine art photo "Portrait in brown"
1987 FBCP Gold medal from nine world salon photographic - Mouscron, Belgium for fine art photo "Intim"
1987 II award from Zeiss-Praktica, DDR.
1987 III award from Zeiss-Praktica, DDR.
1987 IV award from Zeiss-Praktica, DDR.
1987 FIAP Gold medal from 5 Salon Photographic International "Creation et recherche '", FIAP 87/42 Celle Saint Cloud, France for fine art photo "Madona - I"
1987 Mention from the 18th Salon Photographic International Venus Krakov, Poland for fine art photo "Intim"
1987 Bronze medal from the 18th Salon Photographic International Venus Krakov, Poland for fine art photo - "Creation - I", "Creation - III", "Madona - I"
1987 Honorific Porcelain Medal from Height School - Karl Marks Stadt, DDR for photographic achievement
1988 FIAP Mention from 5 Istanbul uluslararasi fotograf Yarismasi IFSAK (5th International Salon), Turkey for fine art photo "Family"
1989 FIAP Silver medal from the 20th FIAP Monochrome Biennial Photographic Brasschaat, Belgium for fine art photo "Intim"
1989 FIAP Mention from the 20th FIAP Monochrome biennale Photographic Brasschaat, Belgium for national collection.
1998 2 silver award from International Photographic Competition "Children at risk" Kazanlak, Bulgaria for fine art photo "Family"
2000 Kodak III award from Photographic Review - Competition "Kodak" Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 2 award from Fotofiesta Lozenetz, Bulgaria for fine art photo "Killer's vodka"
2001 Prize from Fotofiesta 2001 Lozenetz, Bulgaria for fine art photo "Night"
2001 Prize from Fotofiesta 2001 Lozenetz, Bulgaria for fine art photo "Night"
2004 Second Prize for Photography in the national contest "Images of Hope"
2004 First prize in Digital Photography at the International Competition "Music in the Lens"
2005 Second prize of Konica Minolta - 2004 cycle "Water"
2005 3rd Prize 2003 Fotofiesta Lozenetz, Bulgaria
2006 1 Award "Rose - 2006", VI national seminar in photography Kazanlak
2007 Second Prize - Imaging Resource
2013 Trophy and honorary mention from BULGARIAN Photography Academy "Yanka Kyurkchieva"
2014 FIAP Bronze Medal (collectively, Bulgaria) in the World Cup FIAP "Friendship and Solidarity"

Author's exhibitions:
1979 Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, Exhibition's hall.
1981 Bulgaria, Blagoevdrad, Exhibition's hall.
1982 Bulgaria, Sofia, Central Student's hall.
1985 Bulgaria, Oasis, Fotovacantion.
1992 Norway, Oslo, Private gallery.
1998 Bulgaria, Plovdiv - Old city, Balaban's house.
1999 Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Fair hall.
2000 Bulgaria, Gorna Oriahovitza, Central Exhibition's hall.
2011 Bulgaria, Sofia, Galerry Farvut
2011 Bulgaria, Albena, Fotovacantion


Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Fine art photos in private collections:
1979 -2014 USA, Germany, Austria, Israel, Bulgaria.

S. Noykov, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Zornitza Minkova, Beverly MA, USA
Tzvetelina, Berlin, Germany
Asya Katz, Israel

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