Artist Statement -

"In last consequence if we are going on to neglect the fundamental connections between nature, human kind and universe and if we are going on to destroy our nature we will kill ourselves."
(Gertrud Matysik)

Do not hesitate and come & join my actual Art Event in New York City (continue reading my statement below & afterwards) :

Events & Exhibits
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
Celebrating John Milton’s 400th Birthday :


The unrivaled arts festival honoring Milton’s birthday and Paradise Lost, the greatest poem in the English language.

Bridging classic literature and contemporary fine art, performing arts and poetry reading.
September 27th — November 2nd, 2008
Saturday, September 27th, 8pm to midnite, 135 Broadway, New York City, USA
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Antanas Adomaitas
Stephen Auslender
Carrie Ann Baade
Donna Balma
Bienvenido Bones Banez, jr.
Robert S. Beal
Alan F. Beck
Jeff Berman
Orin Buck
Rich Buckler
Ivan Calderone
Joe Catuccio
Carolyn Chaperon
Gail Baxter Cohen
Suzanne Dahlquist
George deMoura
Matthew E. Derezinski
Gary Duehr
Jaesun Duggan
Val Dyshlov
Eric Edelman
Camilla Fallon
Ailene Fields
Jesse Forgione
Troy C. Frantz
Aimee Hertog
Tom Hooper
Sarah Horvat
Amanda Husberg
Mildred Kaye
Ray Kinlock
Arthur Kirmss
Frank Krasicki
Kris Kuksi
Randy J. Lagana
Terrance Lindall
Drew Maillard
Greg Maillard
Ben Marxen
Bertram Matysik
Gerd Matysik
Gertrud Matysik
Adam Miller
Rodica Miller
Ella Morton
Walter Lynn Mosley
Eric Reuben Nelson
Yuko Nii
Leah Oates
David Orr
Linda Paleias
Lennie Peterson
Carol Quint
Max Razdow
Luis Rojas
Michael Knud Ross
Tim Slowinski
Gary Spradling (in memorium)
Phyllis Stapler
Sandra Taggart
Matthew Turov
Marcela Varona
Benjamin A. Vierling
Sharyne E. Walker
Jon Neal Wallace
Brian Kent Ward
Haejin Yoon

Featured Artists :

< Kris Kuksi, one of the most highly regarded artists in the contemporary surreal/visionary movement.

His work is in the collection of Chris Weitz, Director of the new movie, The Golden Compass, based upon Philip Pullman’s book and grounded in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

< Richard “Rich� Buckler is an American comic book artist best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ The Fantastic Four in the mid-1970’s. He will be producing a portrait of John Milton for the 21st century. The unveiling will be at the Costume Ball!

< Bienvenido Bones Banez - “All of his work is based on his ‘666 World View. He paints as if he is plugged into a wall socket and the energy that pours forth through his brain and fingertips to the canvas comes out in pulses of scintillating colors.� —Terrance Lindall

< Olek This vibrant Polish beauty debuted her career at the WAH Center in 2003 at the Surrealist Fashion Show. She is one of the most fascinating artists in the world, madly crocheting her way into art history.

Opening with the
Saturday, September 27th
8pm to midnite

“As sinfully delicious as ‘Man’s first disobedience’ and the most fabulous extravaganza since Adam & Eve had to cover their nakedness!�

< Featuring the JC Hopkins Biggish Swing Band, and Human Kinetics Movement Arts with Yana Schnitzler (recently performed at the Metropolitan Museum), Olek fashion models performing throughout the three floors of exhibits. Also; Adam & Eve video art, birthday salutations, good food and drink, more.

Tickets $40.

To order by email:
Let us know how many tickets you want and we will send you a Paypal invoice.

Or send a check to:
WAH Center, 135 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211
You will receive a confirmation of your order and the tickets will be sent two weeks prior to the ball.


< September 28th, 2 PM
Suggested admission $5
Noted Brooklyn poet S. David recites his tribute to John Milton and takes you on a poet’s tour of the art in the show

< October 3rd and 4th,10th, 11th
8 PM Admission $18

“Paradise Found!�
A Musical Mystery Play by brilliant surrealist playwright and composer Peter Dizozza
“Sings like Bob Dylan, acts like Woody Allen, writes like Euripides tongue wrestling Samuel Beckett and has the musical soul of George Gershwin. It all works together—Peter Dizozza is an incredibly unique talent.� —Sam Moree, September, 2007.
Dizozza is composer of Incidental music to Lindall’s Paradise Lost.

< October 17 and 24th, 8 PM, admission $15
Directed by Arthur Kirmss
Musicians in 17th century costume, on harp, guitar, lute and recorders, performing European vocal and instrumental music through early Baroque, celebrating Milton’s life. (names of participants forthcoming)

with Yana Schnitzler and Group TBA Recently performing at the Metropolitan Museum. The cutting edge of interactive dance. “…mesmering…� —Richard Termine, photographer, New York Times


< Book Label of Madam Pomfret

< We will display THE BOOK OF GENESIS from a 17th century handwritten Torah on vellum (23 feet long!).

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Couched amid historical artifacts and contemporary art celebrating PARADISE LOST, the greatest poem in the English language. Perhaps the largest birthday party for Milton in the world, with poets, artists and composers. We will be documenting this extravaganza on video to produce a documentary for this historical event that we believe will be seen for centuries to come. Milton’s centennial birthday will not come again for another 100 years. Be part of it! If you attend the gala, you will probably be in this video!

“The exhibit and programs promise to be a diverse collection of multiple perspectives and strategies that should engage the audience you hope to reach.� From a letter to Terrance Lindall from Wendy Woon, the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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Text taken from WAH publications, .

Thank you for your attention reading this post.
Continue with my artistic statement :

After studying art, music and religion at the universities of Cologne, Hagen and Aachen in Germany Gertrud Matysik worked as teacher in public schools in different cities until her retirement.

Allthough she felt an intensive emotional relationship to the nature in general before the beginning of her academic years she developed during her daily work as teacher for art and music a new and very impressive view of the nature especially of the flora from the
artistic perspective.

Until now the beauty of the flora holds a great fascination for her and her first choice to express her emotional interaction with the wonderful but so vulnerable nature is her artistic work by photo art.
In her photographs she captures the beauty and uniqueness but also the transitoriness of nature and flora over and over again in new and never before seen perspectives.
Thereby she perfers photo shots out in the open - often with the focus on details, presented later on oversized photographs - playing with the colors, light, shade and focus and even often suprising the viewer with unexpected views and perspectives.

But it's not only her artistic intention to enjoy the viewer with the beauty for example of a single flower being in full bloom - seeming without an end in itself - or to show the viewer the uniqueness, vulnerability and transitoriness of our flora and nature.
Her artistic message is to remind the viewer of understanding both the flora and ourselves as part of nature and moreover as part of our universe.

Every part of the nature and our world has its important function in the interactive relationship of our universe - and not only human kind as we often think.
Besides this she wants the viewer to become aware of the power and strength of our nature to activate our self-healing forces and to get and to maintain our inner balance and mental health.

In last consequence if we are going on to neglect these fundamental connections between nature, human kind and universe and if we are going on to destroy our nature we will kill ourselves.

Still living in a time where wide ranges of the human society are still focused on economic growth and money-grubbing mentality with uninhibited expansion of worldwide trading markets and thoughtless exploitation of human and natural ressources Gertrud Matysik's
artwork is all the more of current interest.

In the nineties after her husband`s death Gertrud Matysik returned to her passion photography & nature and brought her artwork before the public with exhibitions at locations with artistic importance like Berlin 1996, D�sseldorf Messe 1997, Hamburg Messe 1997, Munich 1996, Cologne 1994 and Bologna 1995.

Her photography was also shown on television in germany in the nieneties and published in print media e.g. Chicago, USA.
Starting in 1998 her art work is presented together with the artwork of her sons Bertram Matysik and Dr. Gerd Matysik in the world wide web at the domain besides portfolios of her art work shown at other artistic platforms like
So actually in autumn 2006 there was a featuring of her art work and her premiere portfolio in the newsletter at the world wide active artistic platform reaching over 100.000 people interested in art in the United States and all over the world
within 3 days.

Considerung the increasing daily positive feedback in regard to her photo art from all over the world but especially from the United States and the growing amount of people sharing her matter of international concern Gertrud Matysik can now see in society and even in politics a world wide beginning recall to both the wordless but not powerless demands of our nature and the accepted values in the society in general.

Being part in this process is enough reward to her artistic work.

Photography, Motives from flora

Motives from flora and fauna.

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