Artist Statement -

Sculpture is an act of creating art, and a philosophy on living. It is my belief that my artwork follows some means of a universal law I call “Creation and Beauty.” Stated simply, there is no doubt a responsibility inherent toward created forms. It’s quality, it’s energy, and the messages released through my actions are expressions that I work toward being aware of. This is the first thing I concern myself with before I step into my studio and stand before the set block of clay on any given day.

A quality sculpture has to be a product of spiritual, mental and technical abilities. Great works of art should possess deep roots in human spirituality, as well as depth regarding thought and feeling. Artwork can appear as fleeting inspirations or a belabored process based on the experience of the artist. In turn, if an artwork is created with the intention of lasting decades and being viewed for many generations, it has to be technologically strong and skillfully made.

Important thought is the search for quality. Quality, which is proportional to the amount of effort, must be made to the best of the artist’s ability. The Ancient Greeks used the word “arete”, while the Ancient Chinese called it “chung”. It seems clear that quality within a sculpture or any artwork is best when viewers are left with feeling happy, thoughtful, and inspired.

Artist Exhibitions

2007 Richard J. Daley Center, Group Exhibition, Chicago, IL
2005 Curb Group for Arts, One man Exhibition, New York, NY
2003 Embassy of the USA, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002 Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 Gallery Alexander, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 Krida art, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 Gallery Expansion, One man Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 Gallery Gaya, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 Shipka 6 Gallery, National Art Exhibitions - Drawings and Plastic Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 Shipka 6 Gallery, Art Exhibition dedicated to the Anniversary of the Bulgarian Olympic Games Committee, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 Shipka 6 Gallery, National Group Exhibition - Sculpture, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 Gallery Sezony, Group Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria


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