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As You may have noticed by looking at the examples of my work on the right, I like drawing and painting in a realistic way, but most of my paintings have that surreal touch to it (maybe that's some kind of a "Belgian gene" ?)
I was born in 1960, and studied Latin, Mechanics and finally ended up in Art School, because drawing and dreaming was the main thing I was always doing during my school years... (hope my daughters never read this!)
Since I do love machines also, I started to work in a garage as a panelbeater after leaving school, doing a lot of sculptural work...
Having seen a lot of rusty oldtimers, I wanted to paint those beautiful colours that make a carwreck unattractive to most people.
You can find some examples of these on my website ( that are no longer for sale.

Not only cars, but all things that have a used look are of interest to me, since these items are more interesting and fun to paint than new things.
At the other hand, those new and shiny objects have their own appeal, since they need to be perfectly reproduced.
That's why I started to use a computer for the illustrational work I did since 1989 for various companies as a free lance illustrator. ( I use the computer since 1997)
On computer, I am mainly using 3D software these days to create illustrations.
(again, more examples can be found on and I haven't been painting that much lately, but no worry though, some ideas have been scetched on paper already and will appear on real canvas again in the near future ...

My statement about art then?
Well, some people think it is old-fashioned to say this, but I think art is still a craft and will always be...
You will find a lot of "out of the box" computer art on the internet these days, but most of the time lighting and composition will give the game away, no?

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