Photograph of Artist PLOTNIKOVA VICTORIA
Kyiv, - Ukraine

Original Artworks (2)

Plotnikova Victoria; Netsuke Old Woman, 2015, Original Sculpture Wood, 90 x 31 mm. Artwork description: 241 Material: wood - pear. The old woman holds the broken trunk of an old tree, simultaneously trampling the young shoots that gave the tree. That yearning for those what has already gone, she does not allow new development. On the one hand this image is tragic, causing compassion ...
Plotnikova Victoria
Original Wood Sculpture, 2015
90 x 31 mm ( x )
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Plotnikova Victoria; Pendant Flower Of Happiness, 2015, Original Jewelry, 25 x 32 mm. Artwork description: 241  Jewellery: Flower of Happiness embody of the magic fern blossom. According to a legend fern is a symbol of happiness, and the one who will find this charming flower will be lucky whole life. ...
Plotnikova Victoria
Original Jewelry, 2015
25 x 32 mm ( x )
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Artist Statement

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