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My approach to photography is to simply use the most effective natural light and design to create an image that does not require any explanation.

As a very young boy I was fascinated with the effects of color and design. This interest lead me indirectly toward a career in the visual arts. My first profession was as an actor. At first I apprenticed with acting companies learning to build stage sets and then onto acting. While studying acting in New York I spent a lot of time looking at art, especially at the Museum of Modern Art. My love of music,especially jazz, lead me to a profession as a jazz disc jockey on a top Los Angeles FM radio station. When I finally picked up a camera my first challenge was to master the techniques of the camera and film. My background in theatrical lighting and design was an invaluable source to draw upon. The rest was simply to apply myself in various assignments, on a daily basis. I do recall having a camera in New York City in the late fifties. One Kodachrome photograph, the skyline of New York City, taken from the roof top of my apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen, is the only image I have from that period. Looking at it now I can see even then I had a pretty good eye for design. But it was to be 1969 before I began my photographic career.

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