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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. As far as a brief background, I was an Art major at SBVJC, I then did frelance work for a couple of national magazines and was the Creative Art Director for Robert Keith and Co.

The bottom line that matters here is whether you derive pleasure from my work or not.

Those of you that do not. That is fine. Diversity is what makes life such a glorious experience. Keep looking! There is an artist out there whose work will stir a pleasure center in you like no other.

Those of you that do find some degree of enjoyment in my work confirm my belief that we as humans really do enjoy life when we “Stop long enough to smell the roses”. Everything in our world is exquisitely beautiful when we take the time to fully relish it in minute detail.

When I paint it is solely for egocentric pleasure. The hyper realism of my work reflects my delight in discovering even the smallest nuance of my subject matter. I consume my subject visually, savoring it like a fine wine. My eyes become my palate, tasting even the subtlest of changes in textures and lighting. These paintings are the product of my most selfish and exquisite indulgence of this wonderful existence. I did not paint these paintings for anyone’s approval or with a competition in mind.

Each painting is a composite of many hours of intimate examination. Each painting is my sharing of the beauty and pleasure I discover within each subject.

I try to impart a tension in each work that makes it feel a little larger than life. I strive to create the feeling that the frame around each work may not be able to contain the subject of the painting. The frame becomes a portal to a world of hyper-reality, n opening through which the image may pass through and invade your space and time.

Those of you that find enough of your own selfish enjoyment from my work to invest in it, have my very special gratitude. You are a kindred spirit, I applaud your appreciation of the life-experience. Your investment in my work makes it possible for me to continue the hedonistic delight I derive from painting so that you and others may celebrate with me the pleasure that exists all around us.

Paul Vauchelet

Artist Exhibitions

San Diego Visual Artists Guild Monthly Exhibitions

San Diego Art Institute Regional Juried Show 10/04 11/05/, 12/05, 1/06/, 2/06, 3/06, 4/06, 5/06,

San Diego Natural History Museum Wildlife Show 10/05

La Jolla Art Association 27th All County Juried Show. Won Maurice Braun Award for "Cyclon and certificate of merit for Bronze sculpture "J. Renzulli, Gramps"

San Diego Unified Port District Urban Trees III 5/20/06 to 05/20/07 Stainless steel & copper sculpture "Kumeyaay Eshpa (Eagle) Tree.

No Slack Till They're All Back group show SDVAG Gallery

Colorulphobia (Fear of clowns ) group show 9/29/06 - 10/29/2006

"Conversation Peace" Solo exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
12/03/06 7:00 - 9:00 PM VIP Reception
12/04-30/06 By Appointment Only 619 955-7961
906 !0th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101...

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Artist PAUL VAUCHELET of San Diego, CA has received a Special
Recognition Merit Award for his artwork entitled “Cyclon” in the “8th
Annual Realism International Online Juried Art Exhibiton” hosted by

This international exhbition received over 300 entries from around the
world and 48 artists were selected by the juror Larry Bradshaw,
Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Of the two accepted works by Vauchelet, Professor Bradshaw states this
about his specially recognized works:

“Paul Vauchelet in his work “Cyclon” is quite interesting with the
swirling movement around a kind of astounded face within. The medium
saturated pinkish and green combination adds to the intriguing

The exhibition will be on display online at for 12 months through February 1, 2007

Following are further comments given by the artist:

"Cyclon" is a self portrait and window into my life. Since I am still
arriving at places I have already been this work is a record of that.
It depicts experiences from my past and predicts places I have yet to
arrive.  Symbols from my life's journey intertwined with quotes from
famous people that have relevance to my experiences. It is a window
on my journey, some history mixed with symbolism, magik and prediction
interwoven by quotes that represent mankind's collective

Further information about this image may be downloaded at :

Linda Lee
Exhibitions Manager
Upstream People Gallery
5607 Howard St
Omaha, NE 68106-1257

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