Artist Statement -

Rodney Chang, better known as the Internet's Pygoya, Webist, was the first digital artist to exhibit in Honolulu, back in 1985. He has exhibited around the world, including Paris, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, the U.S.S.R., England, Vienna, Budapest, Frankfurt, Australia, Seoul, Japan, China and India. His 1988 solo show at Shangahi Art Museum was China's historic first computer art exhibition.

He organized India's first ever international digital art exhibition (1999). In the 1980s and 1990s he promoted his concept of Pixelism, or the conversion of pixels into paint, by hand and on canvas, to mirror (as art history) the digital quality of crude early low resolution monitor imaging. He also co-founded Webism, the art movement to create and exhibit art online for the sake of the global cyber-culture and audience.

In the 1980's Dr. Rodney Chang gained national notoriety as NBC's Real People Show's "Disco Doc" - filmed dancing in his Honolulu dental clinic's discotheque reception area, complete with staff DJ. He danced on syndicated TV (NBC "Real People Show") around the world.

The artist is also recognized in Who's Who in America and Ripley's Believe It or Not! for earning 10 college degrees, including 5 masters and 2 doctorates. The artist studied mostly in Chicago and holds a Masters in Painting/Studio Arts and a Ph.D in Aesthetic Psychology.

He has completed a art-horror-visionary novel in 2006 and working on his second book at this time.

The Creative Process

The computer serves as assistant in discovering new art visions for Pygoya. The artist, over the years' parade of changing personal computer systems, always attempts to reinvent his developed "style" on the computer, as much his own input as the evolving technical tools. Then, instead of a hard copy printout that other computer artists exhibit and sell, an intermediary actual painting on canvas is produced to "dedigitize" the work. This is done in order to remove a purely technical feeling of computer graphics, which some consider a bit "sterile".

Then the working painting is photographed, "redigitalized" and modified through editing refinements by the artist. The "final" work of art is either the Giclée prints available here or such a derived digital file is placed online for exhibition in Internet "cyberspace" virtual reality galleries, such as at Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.

Artist Exhibitions

Honolulu Academy of Arts, Artists of Hawaii, 1986,'88,'91
U.S.S.R.-solo exhibition, Tartu State Art Museum (now Estonia),'90; "2nd Emerging Expression Biennial"-Bronx Museum, NewYork'87;"20year Retrospective",RamsayMuseum,Hawaii'87;Solo,NishiNohoGallery,NewYork,NY'87;Shanghai Art Museum,China,'88; Solo exhibition, Las Vegas ArtMuseum,LasVegas,'90;"RodneyChang:ComputerArtist",Portland ArtMuseum,Portland,OR,'91;Salon De La Jeune Peinture,Paris, France,'89;"Siggraph Art Exhibition",juried world group exhibition of computer graphics, National Computer Graphics Association convention, Dallas,TX,'90;Kauai Museum,'93;Oxford Gallery,Kolcutta, India,'99;ArtHotel,Frankfurt Airport,Germany,'03;Vienna,Austria'03

All life exhibitions-


Artist Publications (inclusive listing)

Shanghai Art Museum solo exhibition, 1988-
"Artist With A Cause Start Revolution"-

The International Visual Language of Rodney Chang, Manhattan Arts Magazine-

Las Vegas Art Museum review -

Historic 1st India International Digital Art Exhibition, curated &
produced by Dr. Rodney Chang, 1999:

The Emergence of Dr. Rodney Chang or Pygoya, 1984

Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry, 2004


Artist Collections

Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, P.R. of China
American Culture Center, Kolcutta, India
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Cayetano, former Governor of State of Hawaii
Ramsay of Ramsay Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii
Michael Jackson, USA
Dr. Joachim Bahrs, Sonthofen, Germany
Salon V, New York City, New York
Bernard Dumaine, France
Koracs-egri Timbor, Budapest, Hungary
Ingrid Kamerbeek, Bavaria, Germany
Zippy's Corporation, Hawaii
Jack's Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii
Harold Sasaki, CPA, LTD, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dr. Carl Chikasuye, Honolulu, Hawaii
Jon and Sandra Young, Salem, Oregon
Parys St. Martin, Australia
Seiji ,organizer of Lighthome 2002 group, Japan
Larry Lovett, North Shore, Haliewa, Hawaii
Dr. & Mrs. Birenda Huija, M.D.
King's Garden Restaurant, Honolulu
Computerworks, Inc, Honolulu
Doe Fang Company, Honolulu
Kalihi Family Dental Center, Honolulu
Phlox Cafe, Bavaria, Germany
Leslie Fong, attorney, California
Janet Smith, Springfield, Oregon

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