Artist Statement -

I love Nature: all plants, animals and the minerals that make the magnificent topography. I feel ashamed at being one of the species that has done such damage to the planet. We have made the air more difficult to breathe and the fresh water less potable, destroyed land habitat and driven to extinction even once common species. While we are on the verge of fishing to extinction the entire ocean system, we dump tons of plastic--that have become submerged islands the size of continents--into it. In addition, the degree that animal agriculture impacts our environment as well as perpetuates suffering on our fellow beings, while increasing healthcare costs due to obesity and related disease is overwhelming. My affinity for Buddhist philosophy has made it impossible for me to look away. I try to live my life making as little impact as I am able. And though I am compromised physically by exposure to toxins and chemicals, I do what I can to help fellow beings--regardless of species (firstly, by not eating them). My art is about the ruined and what it becomes, the impermanent visible and invisible, the balance that is necessary to maintain some kind of quality of life, and the interconnectedness of everything that is.

Artist Exhibitions

Jury Selection & cash award; Speak Out For Animals; MDCC Animal/Ethics Study Center; February 2002

Jury Selection; 36th Annual Student Exhibition; MDCC Kendall Campus; Spring 2002

Jury Selection; 4th Annual Buddhist Art Show "Liberation By Seeing"; Santa Rosa, CA; September, 1997

Jury Selection; Student Fine Arts Show; F.I.U.; December, 1996


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