Artist Statement -

Rebecca takes her inspiration from images of sacred art: primarily Islamic geometry, Christian Orthodox Icons, Indian and Western miniatures and illuminations, and early Italian Renaissance painting. More recently she has been drawing inspiration from Russian folk art, and Art Nouveau.

She works primarily in egg tempera and is a member of the Society of Tempera Painters. Tempera is a traditional paint medium still used by the Orthodox Church which combines egg yolk and pigments to make a bright durable paint which is painted on gesso panels. She also makes her own gouache paint from pigments for her works on paper, as used in Indian miniature painting, and some collage work and etchings.

The work itself is colourful, intense and with a strong narrative content. All of it depicts an archetypal, symbolic world where the ideals of things exist. To this end, all the pictures are based on geometric patterns that give them their innate harmonious quality. The colours too are carefully chosen, to give a sense of musical composition, an idea drawn from Indian miniature painting, where images are often painted as a mirror of a musical mode.

Artist Exhibitions

Byard Art Cambridge 27 July - 1 September, Mixed Summer Show

Grapevine Gallery, Norwich 15 September - 15 October, Mixed September Show...

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