Artist Statement

Renata was born in Mexico City on February 8, 1966. The second of six siblings whose passion for the arts is clear and evident. As a child she felt a great love and attraction for the arts, but the fear of their parents to not be a lucrative career, would lead her to the Faculty of medicine, which would leave for marriage and motherhood. Countless changes of residence and in her life did it not continue with her career, but until the year 1998 when in Australia, had the opportunity to study and graduate in Visual Arts at the Chisholm Institute in Melbourne, under the tutelage of the South African artist David Trout, in where she gained recognition for his early work, obtaining several awards at various exhibitions including his solo exhibition, shortly before her return to Mexico.Her works are mainly figurative which lead us to a romantic almost naive dream, where his life and its internal recognition are caught between warm colours, feelings, and new experiences, that capture the viewer and transport it in her enigmatic, sensual air and with a lot of symbolic language. Her compositions speak directly to the viewer and not about angst or pain, but positive emotions with an emphasis towards the life of woman, overflowing all the passion, who was captive for years.Her belief that art is no stranger to us, but that is part of everyday life, in a constant conversation with ourselves, of all the feelings that we are as human beings, is reflected in each of her paintings, her engravings and her watercolors, and teach us that it is the means to express, that sometimes the lips cannot describe.Renata Lledías has exhibited mainly in collective and individual way in Canada, Australia, and Mexico, and her works are within institutions and private collections in the same countries and United States.She currently resides in Mexico City, where again experiments with Printmaking works and all its techniques, under the experienced eye of the master Juan Bautista.His workshop "Inking Space" is reborn.

Artist Exhibitions

2003 *Artholes Gallery.Solo Exhibition.

2001 *Standard Roads Acquisitive Prize Exhibition.
*Glaxo Smith Kline Scholarship Exhibition.
*Jayco Excellence in Design Exhibition.
*Macpherson and Kelley Acquisitive Prize. Heritage Hill Museum.
*Word Ware Art Exhibition and Competition.

2000 *Exhibition of Arts,Ceramics,Graphic Arts and Visual Arts.J-Space Contemporary Art Centre.
*Macpherson and Kelley Acquisitive Prize. Heritage Hill Museum.
*Standard Roads Acquisitive Prize Exhibition.
*Smith Kline Beecham Scholarship Exhibition.

1999 *Exhibition of Arts,Ceramics,Graphic Arts and Visual Arts.J-Space Contemporary Art Centre.
*SmithKline Beecham Scholarship Exhibition.
*Standard Roads Aquisitive Prize Exhibition.


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