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Colorado Springs, Colorado - United States

Personal Photo of Renee Reiko Campbell, Artist 220 x 220

Member since:October 2007
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Artist Statement:
These are a few samples of my sold mixed media canvases & paintings. I am honored knowing that my art has a connection with others. My motto is Love Art, Create Art, Share Art! Some of my inspirations: 'Nature is the art of God' - Ralph Waldo Emerson 'Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished'. Lao Tzu ...
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Artist Exhibitions:
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Artist Representation:
Boulder Street Gallery,
Colorado Springs, CO
*Currently represented*
Academy Frame & Gallery
*Currently represented*
The Beacham Gallery
*Currently represented*
Avenue Bed and Breakfast,
Manitou Springs *Currently ...
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Renee Reiko Campbell Artist Biography
Gender Female
Status Single
Children Not Provided
Religion Mostly All
Education Self Taught
Hobbies / Interests Photography, hiking, swimming in non-chlorinated water, dancing, visiting art galleries,reading, writing, all things connected to ART.
Favorite Artistic Medium Painting Acrylic
Favorite Arthistory Movement Contemporary Art - (Now)
Favorite Visual Artist Impossible to name favorite artist.
Favorite Work of Art Impossible to name 'favorite' anything.
Biggest Artistic Inspiration Almost everything inspires is all around us, every day, everywhere. Even in the places that are judged not beautiful I see beauty.
Music is a huge inspiration while painting.
Why Did You Become An Artist Photography began as a young girl in Japan. Painting on canvas is newer to me, but the urge to paint was so strong, there was no choice but to start painting. Now I cannot ever stop this flow. I see and feel it is an unlimited stream of energy to ride!
Your Personal Biography Born in Asia, I began photography as a young girl with a Brownie camera (Kodak).
Then I learned the darkroom in my teens. I now am devoted to digital photography, scanography & infrared images that I hand-tint with a digital paintbrush.
I also love painting on canvas, paper, collage work & assemblages. This gives me freedom to be totally loose & open with a paintbrush, found objects, etc, versus the precision that is required with photography. A Yin/Yang type of Art Allowance for me!
I've been selling in galleries, group art exhibits & juried shows for 7 years now. My motto is 'Love Art, Create Art, Share Art'. I hope my viewers also enjoy the journey of it all! Thank you to all who purchased my work, it is an honor to know it is in your home.

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