Artist Statement -

Fine portraiture is a sacred tool for me since it reflects and honor the subject in deeper ways. Every portrait that I have painted has generated strong emotional responses. In their testimonials, people speak of how looking at themselves,their children,or family members in their portraits has empowered them and made them feel more beautiful.

About The Artist...

South American artist Luisa F. V. Cleaves is a native of Argentina.
She studied at The Superior School of Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture and Painting. Luisa exhibited her artwork in galleries, hotels, libraries, and art associations in Argentina as well as the U.S.
Her work has been praised by such well known Argentinian art critics Cesar Magrini from "El Cronista Comercial" and E.R. from "Clarin."
Luisa illustrated the title page of the book "Imagine", an homage to Frida Kahlo by international women poets.
She has been interviewed by local newspapers, radio, and T.V. program "Aqui"
Her work is in private collections in South America, Central America, Europe, and the U.S.
She's an award winning artist and a member of The American Society of Portrait Artists.

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

CArdinal,Rockport,US. K. White
Children's Hospital,Bs. As. Argentina
Cottage Mural,De Gandia,Pinamar,Argentina
Puccini,Santallini, Bs.As. Argentina
Mujer,A.Rappolli,Costa Rica
Transformation, A. Salieri, US
Blue Nymph,E.D Clark,US
Portrait of Marco and Monica, L.and M. Rafaelli,US
Portrait of Daniel and Tobias,M. Herderg, Germany
Portrait of Mara and Danielle,K.Zellman, US
Portrait of Nello, L. Rafaelli US
Portrait of Anne Marie, M.Greene,US
Portrait of Jeannine, B. Burns, US
Portrait of Theresa, Clark,US
Portrait of Cyn, Bolcome, US
Portrait of Marilda,"Mirage" R.Murray,US
Portrait of a Woman A. Brown,US
Waiting for the moon,R.Gordon,US
Dancer, D.Harrington,US
Portrait of a dancer B.Rilkner
Portrait of a Cat, R. Richmond,US
Enigma, B.Taylor,US
White Buffalo Woman,N.Tedesco, US
Portrait of Crow Woman M.Castro, US
Sylphide, M.Castro,US
Feelings, R.Bullock, US
Black Star, J Bullock,US
Indian Woman, K.Cleaves
Dream, J.J., US
Portrait of Adelaide, R.Negri,Argentina
Portrait of Carlota S.Tarantino,US

Portrait of Alicia, Noriega Family,US
Portrait of Grandma Noriega,Noriega Family,US
Family Group,D.Dillon,US
Search for an answer, Scotti,US
Woman with red bonnet, Scotti,US
Portrait of a skiff B.Blodgett
Birches, B.Cannon
Machias River,L'Abbe, US

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