Artist Statement -

Beauty is often found in unexpected
places. Few people would expect
anything made from plywood to be
beautiful, yet they are surprised
and intrigued when they learn this
fact about my work. I laminate a very
special Birch plywood from Russia
to a darker Lauan plywood from
Indonesia, then carve them to reveal
the previously hidden core. The
results are often compared to some
rare and exotic wood, skillfully
brought to life.
The Plywood Sculpture line
consists of nearly seventy contemporary designs that are functional as
well as decorative. There are over two dozen mirrors in many shapes
and sizes. The designs range
from figurative to geometric,
from celestial to functionally
conservative. Several figurative sculptures are balanced by some furniture designs. The line is
rounded out by many gift items, such as picture frames, boxes and other accessories."

All of my designs have a fluid
sense of movement, emphasized by the
black glue line. The alternating
light and dark woods have a variety
of colors in natural, however
dyed colors offer even more
possibilities. Each piece is
signed and given a smooth,
maintenance free lacquer finish.
A free, full color catalog is
available upon request.

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