Artist Statement -

One of the most interesting things I have learned is that the more I seek to create things that interest me, the more there is to choose from. As such and in life the importance is “focus” – as a compromise of strict focus but in support of my personal desire to design, create and capture the essence of moments and perspective I have allowed myself the opportunity of sharing another side of what I term “my creativity”.

My focus is cold working large glass castings into faceted sculpture that interacts with light by leveraging air inclusions and stratified layers of transparent or opaque cords.

Each piece I cut leverages the unique characteristics of each casting and allows the viewers perspective to change the composition of the each piece. Only a few pieces can be made from each casting, which can be purchased together as described in my "dallo stesso" series.

A number of my pieces are cut to leverage direct lighting like natural sunlight or underlite displays.

Glass has visual and tactile qualities, which continues to attract me to it. Each day I discover a new appreciation for its characteristics and like any glass artist comes to know, the glass tells you what it wants to do.

However, when I reflect on the types of design work I create, I realize that dimension is a large part of what I use the most - whether it be my use of sub-surface lasering, the inclusions of cast glass or positioning of peices to compliment their shapes in abstract and individually. I guess that kind of makes me a "dimensional artist" if there is such a term.

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