Photograph of Artist RICARDO VENTURI
Pesaro-Urbino, - Italy

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Ricardo Venturi; Intimate Portrait Man, 2017, Original Mixed Media, 100 x 145 cm. Artwork description: 241 pencil drawing on cardboard....
Ricardo Venturi
Original Mixed Media, 2017
100 x 145 cm (39.4 x 57.1 inches)
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Artist Statement

Ricardo Aleodor Venturis research involves various media, from drawing, to painting, to sculpture,to installation, committed to tracing the mutation of the landscape, understood as an interior and exterior landscape. Using objects from the industrial world he investigates the concept of natural and artificial.
The interest is directed to a reality that is transformed every day, where man simulates, measures and amplifies the world around him. The work lives in its beautiful shapes made of perfect geometries and precise shapes that also recall the childish drawings, where the synthesis allows maximum communication.
He searches among the scaffolding that constructs a face, or the roads that form the bark of a tree, the fragility in the face of change. Mixing and mixing human activity with the daily nature of nature he attempts an impossible dialogue in which reality becomes a built vision, firm, stable, contrary to the continuous succession of fashions, but above all opposed to speed. Every image seems to recall solidity, an eulogy to the slowness of a line rather than to the speed of a point.

Di vanità, di belle
fole e strani pensieri
si componea l’umana vita in bando
li cacciammo or che resta or poi che il verde
è spogliato alle cose

Giacomo Leopardi, CANTI, Ad Angelo Mai, v.115-116...

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