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'I am all that has been, and that is, and that shall remain, and no one unworthy has ever unraveled, loosened, or even touched the surface of my woven veil.' – ANONYMOUS. From a carving on an ancient statue of Pallas Athena––cited in Plutarch's Lives.

For me, this ancient graffiti expresses what timeless Art should be about: And serves as my credo when I approach each new endeavor.

Although I love exploring new techniques, the basic importance of method, for me, is to provide a channel towards breaking out towards total freedom. I could not be anything but an expressionist, even if I tried. That is my path. But then every artist who is honest with himself cannot help but be true to his/her unique signature, and follow that impulse wherever it leads.

My goal is to touch the “woven veil” of artistic truth. However, ultimately, a painting must speak for itself and take on a life of its own. It is a child sent out into the world to fend for itself.

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