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Rikki Power is a Malaysian Artist who paints original Batiks inspired by the beautiful surroundings of his paradise land - Tioman Island, Malaysia.

His art works feature abstract designs which reflect Malaysian and Universal culture.

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Having met with many Japanese people in my home land of Malaysia and a few ex patriots from other countries(Germany & Austria), I was invited to travel to Japan, to assist and create the displays used for the above mentioned festival.

I was responsible with help from a fabulous crew for the creation of the stage designs while also having a pavillion on the festival grounds to display my Batik and culture.

Many of my designs where used to as an icons of the WORLD SPICE FESTIVAL and this is where the SUMMER DANCER was born...I dreamt of this "creature" (SUMMER DANCERS) as to the feel with the atmosphere that everyone in the creating of the festival contracted.HAPPY, FRESH, FREE and ORIGINAL.

Thank you to my many Japanese friends whom I met there and for the new Japanese people I continuely met.

The WORLD SPICE FESTIVAL - 1996 (JAPAN) was very successful (selling numerous T-shirts, sarongs and wall-hangings)in building my international Batik business and I am proud in having the chance to show the country and its people my culture and skill involved in the art of Batik....

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