Photograph of Artist RINA MIRIAM DRESCHER
Rochester, New York - United States

Original Artworks (2)

Rina Miriam Drescher; Holden, 2009, Original Painting Acrylic, 4 x 4 feet.
Rina Miriam Drescher
Original Acrylic Painting, 2009
4 x 4 feet (1.22 x 1.22 m)
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Rina Miriam Drescher; Nate, 2004, Original Painting Acrylic, 68.5 x 46 cm. Artwork description: 241  Portrait of Nathan B. Smith. Painted from life sessions. Acrylic on wood panel. 46 x 68. 5 cm. Copyright (c) Rina Miriam Drescher 2004. Do Not Use Without Permission.  ...
Rina Miriam Drescher
Original Acrylic Painting, 2004
68.5 x 46 cm (27.0 x 18.1 inches)
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Artist Statement

There wasn't any more room in the sketchbook.

I liked the world that I had created in my third sketchbook. Looking at that sketchbook felt like looking at a small insignificant story about a really really important world, and I felt like a left-out giant peering down at it. I decided to make the sketchbook world real and larger than me and something I could live inside of.

I've been doing that ever since. It's to the point now that it's gotten a little out of control actually. I am completely surrounded by giant canvases, strange art objects, buckets, easels with paintings of animals, and huge rolls of paper. I've even had to let go of some nice furniture because I had to create space to store the artwork... world. Which has been ok.

I love being surrounded by original artwork! Nothing is more thought provoking or helpful in bringing to attention the important connections and meanings behind everyday experiences.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Rina Miriam Drescher
Artist Statement, June 2013
Rochester, NY USA...

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