shah alam, shah alam selangor - Malaysia

Original Artworks (2)

Rina Abd Shukor; Roses Are Red, 2008, Original Painting Acrylic,   inches. Artwork description: 241  about a beauty queen ...
Rina Abd Shukor
Original Acrylic Painting, 2008
inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
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Rina Abd Shukor; Hikayat, 2009, Original Drawing Charcoal, 1 x 2 feet. Artwork description: 241  a myth of a mountain's queen ...
Rina Abd Shukor
Original Charcoal Drawing, 2009
1 x 2 feet (0.30 x 0.61 m)
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Artist Statement

Documentation of a daily life.

…. I believe,
Only voice from the heart will convey our inner language of imagery.
“I am strong and sturdy…so are you”. Our feelings communicate with what we need. Therefore images express what words cannot describe and visual journaling record the nuances of life’s experiences.

I remembered a quote by Henri Matisse, he said “Drawing is above all a means of expressing intimate feelings and moods”. Telling us that journaling with words is the most common method people use to record their thoughts and life but visual journaling speaks a language deeper than words and it is a way of adding to the pool of remembrance.

I use several types of metaphors as a spine and colors as a vein for my visual painting and the dynamic interaction to create a story. Butterfly, lilies, roses, birds, moon, and dandelion are few examples of metaphors in my art journal. I also use some arrangement of words and prose to whisper something from the soul.

I defined materials and things around me speak on their own. Everyday is a relationship day through my experiences. It grows and it fades away. I observe it and I say “why must I write if I can paint my world and yes it speaks”.