Artist Statement -

For the last four years the landscape has been predominant subject in my art. Shimmer of sun light, coming trough the leaves and its ever-changing reflections in the water become the subject of my paintings. I am searching for pastoral images that have some sort of resonance rather than meaning.

My fascination with light has started as an attempt to rethink the legacy of Pointillism, which in our time of the digital media and pixilation, has found a new frame of reference. Emphasizing the well organized chaos of colorful dots, stripes, seemingly mechanical brush marks and alluding to some aspects of digital photography, is resulting the paintings with soft focus were the border between realistic image and abstraction are blurred.

The way I wont the painting to come out is more the way of trying to depict an image what is not about reality, but one that is some how in between the actuality of a scene and something that is in your head

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Johnson & Johnson Co. Ambler,PA. USA
Phillip and Muriel Bergman Museum of Art, Collegeville, PA, USA
Carl Steel & Associaates,Philadelphia, PA, USA
Mrs.Jan Gordon ,Roadner, PA,USA...

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