Artist Statement -

The tragedy of 9/11 and the sequence of events that have occurred since then has greatly altered my work. I have spent the past ten years working with the image of the human form but found that I could no longer find the meaning that I needed with the imagery. I can no longer go into my studio without being aware of the constant threat and anxiety in which we find ourselves today. The world is very different than it was prior to that "event" and I as an artist must reflect that change.

My work right now is exploring metaphors for safety and endurance. Looking back to simpler times I became very interested in the spiritual aspects associated with rocks and stones and how they have been associated with building and strength throughout history. Creating symbolic dwellings with "safe" interior spaces has provided me with a process to visually give form to the duality of our existence. Somehow we must be able to work with this tension, and be transformed to a higher level of existence.

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