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Roberto Rossi is a self-taught art worker. Born in the city of São Paulo, São Paulo State, Brazil, he has been working in the advertising field for 29 years.

Art has been present since this artist's early ages, when he has great opportunities to closely watch the activities related to graphic arts that, in the future, would be extremely important for its professional career.

Roberto Rossi begins his professional life in 1971, working as reviser for the most reputable juridical book publishing company at the time. In 1976 he is invited to work as copy reviser for the most important advertising agency of the country, where he would stay until 1988.

At the same time, he contributes with his professional abilities for Brazilian literature, participating in projects involving very important private editions, some of them dedicated to art and Brazilian colonial furniture. His writer friends look for him when editing their books, in which he helps with copy desk, review, production and creative work in graphical projects.

All this background has taken Roberto Rossi to know and search for learning, in details, the daily activities of photographic techniques, both studio and lab tasks, besides art studio, art direction and creation in different areas comprised by advertising, merchandising, design, using sophisticated technical resources and the application of state-of-the-art materials at the time to express visual and graphical arts. The contact with the best professionals in each of these areas has enriched and helped the artist's development.

Always focused on art, written or not, and with a life rich of esthetic manifestations, Roberto Rossi was able to develop the values that fine tuned his work and improved his culture. In 1976, the artists begins his studies at former FIAM - Faculdades Integradas Alcântara Machado, today FMU - Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas, Artistic Education, where he has outstanding results particularly in Art classes.

In 1977 he obtained legal recognition of his profession as a professional in the advertising field with the Labor State Department. Simultaneously, he developed some of his own works, studies, paintings, collage and drawings using different techniques.

Gradually Roberto Rossi's paintings find their own space. In 1988 he leaves the advertising and opens his own office of design and communication. At the same time, he dedicates himself to painting.
His imagination sets the scene. And is exactly this quick and clear vision that builds his painting, with the strength and energy easily identifiable in his work.

Only in 97 would the artist accomplish his first exhibition. This individual exhibit would be the first big professional step in arts, as a result from the demands made by friends for whom his work was well known. The second, third and many others were a consequence of this first exhibition. He receives many important invitations and soon his painting is shown in an individual exhibit in Washington, D.C., USA.

Roberto Rossi is a member affiliated to AUTVIS - Brazilian Association of Visual Author Copyright, which deals with licenses and rights for image use of the artist's works, besides maintaining contracts and agreements with the most important societies dedicated to protect author's rights on visual art all over the world.

Roberto Rossi appears as a professional who, in his events, is a respectable representative of Brazilian art and colors, through his vibrating, luminous, spontaneous and warm paintings, where the theme itself is a reference of Brazil, a country opened up to the world to show all the richness of its creative talents.

An outstanding feature of Rossi's work is the use of acrylic technique. Sometimes, mixed techniques can be seen, always with the predominance of acrylic and its components.
In his agile and quick work, although preferring to work with great formats, the production on small canvas is as strong and determined. Many times, Roberto Rossi uses oil pastel on paper, as a sketch, producing small works in canvas tablets mounted on cardboard. This is a direct art that is born with the liberty of sketch, but with the responsibility of a final work. Oil pastel has always been a reference for the vivid colors that the artist tries to apply with the same balance in acrylic, providing optimal results to his works.

Throughout all of these years, Roberto Rossi's paintings have encountered many admirers. The most enthusiast audience for his works comprises Brazilians and Americans. With the Internet, the artist manages to bring even closer his work to what it really counts: his audience. This is an extremely democratic and accessible vehicle, which allow people anywhere to know his paintings. However, Roberto Rossi believes that the canvas itself, right in front of the observer, has a quite stronger appeal to the public, due to the virtually magic energy that is impregnated in each one of them. Maybe this magic explains the reaction of the audience that attended his exhibits. One of them, the one held at a São Paulo Subway Station for the public that uses this transportation (approximately three million and a half people saw his paintings during only one month) gave users of subway the opportunity to freely express themselves as to the artist's work, writing comments about it.

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