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gijon, asturias - Spain

Personal Photo of Carlos Roces, Artist 130 x 144

Member since:January 2007
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Artist Statement:
It is very large. I am not able to includr it here,., ,., ,.,...
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Artist Exhibitions:
Carlos Roces

Last exhibition:

(Interchangeable art work)

Sala Cultural Cajastur
Monte de Piedad.
Plaza Monte de Piedad, esquina
calle Instituto

Del jueves ...
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Artist Collections:
Museo Casa Natal Jovellanos,
Gijón , Spain
Ayuntamiento de Gijón
Oviedo "
" "
Mieres "
Birmingam Museun, Birmingan
Alejandro "Anding" Roces
Manila Philipines
Marcos Roces
" "
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Uno de los pintores más
acreditados del panorama
artístico ...
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Artist Extras:

Carlos Roces Artist Biography
Gender Male
Status Married
Children 6
Religion catholic
Education Post Graduate Degree
Hobbies / Interests History of the family and
Favorite Artistic Medium Mixed Media
Favorite Arthistory Movement Impressionism - (1865 - 1885)
Favorite Visual Artist Rembrandt
Favorite Work of Art Las Meninas Velazquez
Biggest Artistic Inspiration La belleza de la Naturaleza y los grandes artistas del pasado.
Why Did You Become An Artist Desde niño, quise ser pintor, pero mis padres no querían. Me fui de España para serlo. En Inglaterra comencé a vivir para el Arte.
Your Personal Biography Born in Gijón in 1934. From an early age displayed a vocation and a capacity for painting but although he found himself studying Law, he nevertheless found time to study drawing and painting at the School of Arts and Crafts of San Salvador where he had as teachers such gifted painters as BORBOLLA and TAMAYO.
After finishing Law and despite the promising prospects of a cosy life in the world of Banking, he decided to travel to London where his works were exhibited at the Victoria Embankment and at the Leighton House Art Gallery. From there his artistic restlessness took him to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and Egypt.
In 1962 he came back to Spain to have his first exhibition in the Ateneo Jovellanos, Gijón. Daniel Arbesú wrote of the young Roces: 'to travel from Gijón to the Valley of the Egyptian Kings in search of inspiration is certainly something out of the ordinary.'

He returned to England an exhibit at the West Malvern Vicarage. He designs and executes the set for 'El Burlador de Sevilla' performed at Cumberland Hall. In the meantime, while preparing a doctorate in Maritime Law he does a Master in Arts at University College London.
The biography of Carlos Roces, written by D. Patricio Adúriz, figures in the 'Gran Enciclopedia Asturiana' and in the 'Diccionario de pintores españoles del siglo XX.' His work hangs in museums and private collections in the Argentine, Ceylon, Colombia, Egypt, U.S.A., England, Mexico, Paquistan, Venezuela, etc., as well, of course, in Spain.
Twenty years ago, in 1978, LINARES-RIVAS wrote these lines in a Leon newspaper.
'Since 1948, when very young, to the present day, Carlos Roces has had an intense curriculum vitae, so many steps on the path of progress that it is difficult to pause for a moment: collective exhibitions, individual exhibitions, awards, prizes, academic titles, in short, many milestone in a still short lifetime.'
In 1996, he was elected a member of the Advisory Board of the Barjola Museum and exhibited works in the Bellas Artes Gallery in Gijón. He was the sole Asturian representative at ARTESANTANDER for the Toisón Gallery. He held an exhibition of his work in the gallery Sala de Arte BBV, Oviedo, being introduced by J.A. Samaniego, and in Santa Engracia Gallery in Madrid where Mauro Muñiz did the honours.
Following up on exhibitions in Gijón, Oviedo and Bilbao, he now exhibits in Manila forming part of the 1998 Centenary Program in the Philippines.

To the return of the Philippines, it exposes along with in the room of art Monticelli de Gijón Piñole, Martinez Abbots, Menéndez Pidal, Alvarez Room, etc., from the 18 of December from 1998 to the 8 of January of 1999. The 25 of February of 1999, in the Sala Hator of art, present/display the exhibition 'From Manila to Gijón'. The 6 of May of 1999, expose again in the room of Dingraph , of Oviedo, simultaneously that presents/displays its book 'The Felgueroso Brothers and the Asturian mining', in the School of Engineers of Mines. Day 3 of September inaugurates, in the monastery of Valdediós, Villaviciosa de Asturias, religious a painting exhibition, presided over by the advisor of Education and Culture of the Principality, Javier Fernandez Vallina

In the newspaper the Commerce of Gijón, Javier Neira does an interview to him and P. Merayo emphasizes: 'the painting of Roces was defined as' a new cosmic formulation of the monk ''. The newspaper La Nueva España of Oviedo remembers that they are not for sale the works and that the author has said: 'With this sample the only thing that I try is to make a pedagogical work on the Gospel'. In Christmases of the 2000 it receives the order to paint the announcing poster of the aid of navideños showcases. In February of 2001, exhibition in the gallery Beautiful Arts, of Gijón, presented/displayed by Jose Antonio Samaniego, that said: 'the landscape of Carlos Roces speaks of the order of the world, the beauty of the planet, the splendor of the light. It emits a message of peace and hope as opposed to the forces of the decomposition and the chaos '. Next, in the month of May, also in Gijón, the room Hator, exhibition 'single forest'. In the Brush, Ines Hurlé speaks of '... the grayish semipenumbra that invades the later part of the pictures, giving them to the trees of the first term all the protagonism that provide the small points to them of light on the leaves, bathed by the sun '. In August of 2002 dot the poster of 46ª edition of the Fair the International of Samples of Asturias. Its picture the Rula, painted in 1965, passes of the Museum Native House Jovellanos to hang itself in the City council of Gijón, in the office of the learned secretary. In the month of January of 2003 it presents/displays his Jovellanos picture and the mining, painted by indication of the Jovellanos Forum. In the month of September, it participates actively in III the Congress of Railway History, with a communication in which it recreates the history of the mining railroad of the Camocha to the Musel. Dot a series of pictures on the railway subject, that it exposes in the Museum of the Railroad and the social gathering the Apple trees. Day 11 of December, in the Athenian Jovellanos, Pedro de Silva and Mapy Fernandez Felgueroso they present/display the book Poems of Gijón, with 58 drawings and cover of Carlos Roces, that great repercussion in all means has. The 27 of May of 2004, expose again in the chapel of San Lorenzo, on the subject the mine and the sea.
Recientemente he donado parte de mi obra a varios Museos. Al Museo C.N. Jovellanos, al Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias, al de la Muralla Romana, Etc.


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