Artist Statement -

Whether working on a painting or a photograph, I strive to capture an image that is aesthetically pleasing, readily accessible to the viewer, and one which challenges the viewer intellectually, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. For me, art is not about a jumble of colors scumbled onto a canvas, but a way of communicating while at the same time pleasing the visual sense.

My paintings are mostly done in acrylic paint as I enjoy the fluidity and bright bold colors that can be found. I also enjoy mixing my own colors for my paintings, and the acrylics lend themselves very nicely to blending together to create new hues. Many times I use mathematical computations to mix the colors to create a desired effect.

I enjoy working my paintings basically in two styles: surrealistic and realistic. In both I utilize bold colors, strong shapes and create challenging compositions. I even tried my hand at a cubist style painting that received recognition from an art critic during a juried art showing. Due to my love of mathematics, I have added mathematically-plotted compositions to my repertoire. The placement and sizing of the objects, as well as the colors used are based on mathematical formulas to help me create an ordered calculated composition and picture.

My photography and paintings complement each other. I visualize scenes in my mind as they would look as a painting, and take the pictures accordingly. Then at other times the pictures are an art expression in and of themselves. And sometimes I take many pictures of a scene or object in order to piece together various parts to create a more exciting composition for a painting. I feel that the natural world and the man-made world of cities, vehicles, buildings, etc. provide so much hidden beauty that is often not seen while we hurry along in our busy lives. I like to find these beautiful surprises in our day-to-day world and share them with others.

I work in both color and black and white in my photography. I like the value study that can be seen clearly in a black and white photo. Though I have always worked in film, I have recently branched out and get pleasure from working in digital media.

I have also experimented in soft and hard pastels. They lend themselves wonderfully to en plein aire painting, and setting up compositions. To this point in time, I have only used them in mixed media pictures, but will be pursuing them as the sole medium in future paintings. I enjoy their vibrant colors and their ease of use – though messy at times. Their texture allows for different levels of blending.

Sumi e painting has also been a terrific vehicle for expressing my view of the gentle flowers, insects, and little creatures. The simplistic yet eloquent flowing style is in great contrast to my usual bold and strong painting style. As all people have many sides and many aspects to who and what they are, so do my paintings. My nature is that I need variety and enjoy mixing that up in my artwork.

Recently I have gotten back to the Earth and worked with clay – throwing it and sculpting it. As I work my hands through the rich Earth clay, I feel in touch with all that is around me as well as a bond with the many potters and cultures that have gone before me.

I like to be well-rounded and not become stagnant in my ideas and art. I like trying new things and blending these new materials and ideas into my paintings and artwork. Art has been a large part of my life and always brought me incredible pleasure, and that pleasure is what I wish to share with others through my art.

Artist Exhibitions

· Exhibited in Singular Sensations Show at the Columbia Art Center, Columbia, Maryland. Three Paintings were accepted. December 5, 2002 through December 15, 2002.
· Exhibited in the Montpelier Cultural Art Center, “All Hung Exhibition”, in Laurel, MD, January 5, 2001 through January 17,2001.
· Exhibited in the Singular Sensations at the Columbia Art Center, Columbia, Maryland. Three Paintings were accepted. December 7, 2000 through December 14, 2000.
· Exhibited in the Collector’s Choice Event held at Annapolis Volvo, and sponsored by the Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD.
· Exhibited in the 53rd Annual Orchid Show and Sale of the National Capitol Orchid Society Juried Exhibition, National Arboretum, Washington, D.C. Three kodachrome photographs accepted. October 7, 2000 through October 9, 2000. Jury of Three Jurors.
· Exhibited in the Summer Artworks 2000 Juried Exhibition of the Maryland Federation of Art on the Circle. Three framed silver print photographs accepted. Photographs hung in the Holley Gallery of the MFA on the Circle, Annapolis, MD. July 29, 2000 through August 27, 2000. Jurors: Artworks Committee.
· Exhibited in the Second Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Photography of Makeready Press Gallery. Silver print photograph hung in Gallery 214 of the Makeready Press Gallery, Montclair, NJ. June 14th through July 8th, 2000. Juror: Mauro Altamura of the New Jersey City University, NJ.
· Exhibited in the Spring Juried Exhibition of the Maryland Federation of Art on the Circle. Painting hung in the Main Gallery of the MFA on the Circle, Annapolis, MD. May 27th through June 25th, 2000. Juror: Walter Bartman, Art Teacher at Walt Whitman High School and Artist in Resident Glen Echo
· Two Person Show including paintings, silver print and color photographs at Mitretek, ITSC Gallery, College Park, MD. March 2000

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