Artist Statement -

I tend to lean on obscurity, distortion, and darkness to lead the viewer to meditate and to experience deep levels of meditation. I look to ultrasound scans, irregular frequency on broadcast radio, breaking of satellite images for inspiration.

Artist Exhibitions

365 Openings Exhibit. Museo {I}Menos, Tamulipas, Mexico. 2007

Black and White Photography Exhibit. Ruseberg Gallery, Brownsville Texas 2008

Lost and Found:James Miller One Man Show. Scheduled in spring of 2009 at University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville,Texas.

Artist Publications

Newspaper: Valley Morning Star
Circulation: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Reporter: Laura Tillman
Article: ‘Black and White’ captures local talent

This year, the Best in Show award went to James Miller for his “Self-portrait with camera.” Miller’s blurry image of himself resembles Rodin’s “The Thinker,” with a pensive Miller seated in an adult position, yet with a curve that Gomez describes as almost fetal.

“Miller clearly possesses advanced thinking skills and takes advantage of technology,” Gomez said, “but what he depicts is more than a moment, but instead captures what appears to be an embryonic image that transforms into an aging apparition.”

Gomez has curated more than 100 art shows during his career. Gomez was raised in Brownsville and received his M.F.A. from Washington State University. He says that although his specialties are painting and drawing, he can identify a good photo when he sees one.

“Black and White” will open on Jan. 28 with a reception at 6: 30 at the Rusteberg Hall at UTB-TSC and will be on display until Feb. 14.


Artist Collections

"Restless". Oil. 2' x 4' Collection of Dr. Ronald Ironne, McAllen, Texas

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