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Drawing and painting, alongside horses - riding or even just being with them, is what I enjoy doing the most!
I have always drawn for as long as I can remember... Since I was old enough to hold a pencil, about three or four, I couldn't help myself... I just had to draw... with a pen, a pensile a crayon whatever and on whatever came to hand including, to my parents horror, important "documents" that soon became decorated with my doodling... as long as there was some space I would fill it...!
After school I studied dress design, and worked in the trade for some years but, although I still do some designing, I realized (better late than never) that dress design wasn't my true vocation and took up drawing and painting again.
Painting is definitely a soothing task, it relaxing and it is very is satisfying to create and see the lines and the colours that emerge from the hand as if by magic.
The moment of painting can be excellent therapy, maybe because.... like when being with horses... you don't (with horses for safety reasons you can't) think of anything else, but concentrate on the moment and all one's woes disappear for the time being.
If that art should also appreciated by someone, it becomes even more satisfying... as an artist I enjoy painting, but am even happier to know some onlooker might enjoy it too.
It is always pleasing to produce or to admire an interesting brushstroke, a beautiful colour, a skilful drawing… whether my own or of other artists. I believe if an art work, of any type or media (fine art, sculpture, photography etc) can provoke an emotion, be it to inspire, calm, or excite, this is therapeutic… it can be a healing moment.

Artist Exhibitions

CA' BIANCA CLUB, Milan, Italy
Vimercate, Milan Italy
Art Gallery, N.Y.
Soncino, Italy...

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