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Eugene, Oregon - United States

Personal Photo of Jerry Ross, Artist 130 x 144

Member since:August 2000
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Artist Statement:
Manifesto of American Verismo By Jerry Ross, 2012 "American verismo", a movement that I have recently founded, is a catch-all phrase for an artistic style that draws its main inspiration from Italian art, both classical and modern. There is an implied nostalgia for work done “dal vero” (after life) whether classical (Raphael, Rubens, or Caravaggio, etc.) or 19th century (the Tuscan I Macchiaioli school) or more contemporary. Verismo is somewhat akin to contemporary “atelier...
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Artist Exhibitions:
2012 October 2012 "Club
Macchia" Brownsville, Oregon

2012 August 23rd: The Mayor's
Art Show (Jacob's Gallery)
August 23 – October 6, 2012

2012 August ...
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Artist Representation:
"Wave Hands Like Clouds"
artist owned gallery --
Eugene, Oregon
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Jacobs Gallery, Hult Center,
Eugene, Oregon

"La Tavola...
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Jerry Ross Artist Collections

Pam Hoffmeister, Eugene, OR
Tim Kendall, Eugene, OR
Bob Wilson, Corvallis, OR
Tamara Stensholl, Eugene , OR
Gordon Anslow, Eugene, OR
James and heresa Leonard, Eugene, OR
Kathleen Nason, Turner, OR
Michael and Pat McNutt, Eugene, OR
Cristen Braatz, Eugene, OR
Renee Nelson, Eugene, OR
Shauna Daughters, Eugene, OR
Adam Bernstein, Eugene, OR
Alexandre Albert-Galtier, Graveson, France
Alice M. Roach and Duff Gilchrist, Eugene, OR
Amie Mack, Culver City,CA
Andrea Guerra & Polly Piva, Bologna, Italy
Andrea Pitts, Alexandria, VA
Andrew Fareell & Terry Falkenstein, Eugene, OR
Angela Ross, Eugene,OR
Ann C. Pongracz, Las Vegas, NV
Anne Bettman, Eugene
Ann Bixby, Eugene, OR
Annette Foster, Marnay, France
Bev Stonecypher, Eugene
Bill & Shirley Freeman, Ajo, Arizona
Bob Keefer, Eugene, OR
Bobby Devine and Diane Oxley, Eugene, Oregon
Brenner, Susan, New York, NY
Brunella Gregori, Milan, Italy
Caroline Passerotti, Eugene, OR
Carolyn & Lynn Kranzler, Eugene, OR
Catherine Meeks, Eugene, OR
Charles DeLataire, Eugene, Oregon
Christine Kerhoe, Eugene, OR
Christine Menager and William Trotter, Eugene, Oregon
Ciceri Santina, Corsico, Italy
Clarice Zdanski, Italy
Commune di Livergnano, Italy
Commune di Loiano, Italy
Daniel and Cindy Ray, Eugene, OR
Daniel Moret and Paula Staight, Eugene, OR
Daniela & Carlo Bianchi, Loiano, Italy
Darrell Jones, Eugene, OR
Dave Crory, Eugene, Oregon
David & Paulette Rich, St. Paul, MN
Deborah Sedowski, Eugene
Diane Bush & Steve Baskin, Las Vegas, NV
Dierdre Cavan, Eugene, OR
Doug Smyth, Eugene, Oregon
Dr. Adam Morton, Lancaster, UK
Dr. Dennis Collis and Jeanne Collis, Eugene, OR
Dr. Ron Cuevas and Lynn Cuevas, Eugene, OR
Earl Moursund, Eugene, OR
Enrica Patti, Milan, Italy
Erin Royce, Eugene, OR
Ezio Bramieri, Corsico,Italy
Francesco & Federico Avignonesi, Porano, Italy
Frank Bennett, Tonkawa Road, Long Lake, MN
George Turner, Eugene, OR
Genessa Ches, Eugene, OR
Genessa Waite, Eugene, Or
Harve Waff, Eugene, OR
Heather McArthur, Eugene, OR
Helene Compton, Pahrump, NV
Horst Lueck, Eugene, OR
James Rodota, Sacramento, CA
James Titus, San Francisco, CA
Jan Helfer, Eugene, Oregon
Jayson Troughton, Roswell,GA
Jennifer Boyce, Eugene, OR
Joey Labrie & Tom Bergeron, Dallas, OR
John and Allison Bennington, Eugene
John Bennington and Allison Hassler, Eugene, OR
Joseph & Star Ches, Eugene, Oregon
Jud Turner, Eugene, OR
Karen Ann Alvarado, Eugene, OR 97405
Kathy Larkin, Eugene, OR
Kelly and Wayne Allen, Eugene, Oregon
Kenton Kullby, Eugene, OR
Kim Tardie, Eugene, OR
Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon
Larry and Maile Carter, Eugene OR
Lidia Vitali, Corsico, Italy
Louranah Singer-Janeski, Eugene
Maria Carlo Claudi, Rome, Italy
Marie T. Raney & Jonathan M. Raney, Portland, OR
Martine, Compton, Ann Arbor, MI
Mary Alison, Eugene, OR
Mary Henzie, Eugene, OR
Mary Newman, Eugene, OR
Mary Spilde, Eugene, Oregon
Mayor Kitty Piercy, Eugene, OR
Michelle and Robert Consentino, Eugene, Oregon
Molly Beauchamp, Eugene, OR
Nan Lawrence, Eugene, OR
Pam Hoffmeister, Eugene
Patrica Stamps, Eugene, OR
Philip Raia, New York, N.Y.
Phyllis Temple, Eugene, OR
Pier Cesare & Elena Bori, Bologna, Italy
Piero Perissinoto, Corsico, Italy
President's Office, Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon
Randall and Kimberly Klein, Eugene, Oregon
Richard and Marsha Wright, Eugene, Oregon
Robert Smith, Eugene,Oregon
Roberto Bagnioli, Bologna, Italy
Ron & Anita Gross, Buffalo, NY
Ron Ford, Tannersville, PA
Rosalyn DeRoos, Eugene, OR
Sarah L.Ulerick, Eugene,OR
Sedate Redfield, Eugene, OR
Shauna Daughters, Eugene
Sheri Pyron,Eugene, OR
Simonetta Romagnolo, Milan, Italy
Steven Walker, Clovis, CA
Susan Green, Eugene, OR
Thaddeus Konar, Eugene,Oregon
Thomas Brase and Julie Haugen, Eugene, OR
Tim and Haralyn Craig, Eugene, OR
Tim Smith, Eugene, OR
Toni Nisdall, Eugene, OR
Tracy Berry, Eugene, OR
Troughton, Shannon, Indianapolis
Tullia Pasi, Corsico, Italy
Valerie Pederson, Minneapolis, MN
Wendy M. Ames and Toraja Matias Ames, Cincinnati, Ohio

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