Artist Statement -

Artist Statement

At present, I am almost completely absorbed in visual arts.

My academic education consists of western and non-western art, philosophy, music, anatomy, physiology and holistic medicine. I am extremely interested in exploring the relationship between dreams and the collective unconscious and their intuitive reflection expressed in my art. Both my paintings and photography have been shown in a number of venues over the past few years, and are in private as well as corporate collections in Canada and the United States.

My search for meaning and my attempts to illustrate contemporary mythology are based on a central certainty of stored remembrances, genetic memories that resonate at our deepest levels. I use organic forms, anatomical structures, icons, and symbolism to draw obscure truths. Art to me is a conduit, crossing the boundaries of seen and unseen, feeling and memory.

Artist Exhibitions

1987 Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, BC (Special Exhibition)
1988 Digital Symmetry University of British Columbia
1989 The Sea & The Self University of British Columbia
1990 Recent Works Rogers Communications Corporate Office
1993 Meaningful Coincidences Here and Now Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1994 Meaningful Coincidences Gallery 8 Elm, Toronto, Ontario
1995 Meaningful Coincidences, Polaroid Corporation, Toronto, Ontario
1996 "Meaningful Coincidences Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1997 Cave Dweller: Reclamations & Artifacts, Here & Now Gallery, Toronto, Ont
1998 Meaningful Coincidences, Richmond Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1999 Cafe Society, A & A Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2000 Dreamtime & Shadows Teck Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Van., BC
2000 Tightrope Teck Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
2000 Mirror Noir SOF Gallery and Art House, Toronto, Ontario
2001 "Bums" Solar Eclipse, Toronto, Canada.
2002 "Sirens" Solar Eclipse, Toronto, Canada
2003 Postcards from the Hood The Peartree Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2004 Corners, Arbor Room, Hart House, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
2005 Sunflowers Koffler Student Centre Gallery, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
2006 Intersections, Koffler Student Centre Gallery, Univ. of Toronto, Canada

1983 Victorian Picnic Floating Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada (Honorable mention)
1984 Valentine Boy All Sass Lorraine Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1985 Passages Spaces Between "Womens Collective, Toronto Canada
1986 The Goddess Silent Auction, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
1987 Self Portraits Student Centre Gallery, York University, Canada
1994 Cheesecake Art Gallery of Ontario Silent Auction, Toronto, Canada
1995 Angels and Passages, Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1996 Chinatown, Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1996 Philosophers Path, Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1997 Beyond the Frames Carrier Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 The Bather, Andrew William Wright Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 Angela Photo Metro Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1998 Mirror, Mirror, Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1999 Salsa Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2000 Queen Street Blues Womens Art Association of Canada, (Award of Excellence)
2002 "Stir" SOF Art House, Toronto, Canada.
2004 Nexus J.M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto, Canada
2005 Corners Hart House, University of Toronto, Canada
2006 Rain City University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2008 Imprint Scratch Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 Blessing the Birds Norman Manley Airport, Montego Bay Jamaica
2010 Davyton House 19th Annual Art Fare Mandeville, JamaIca
2011 "Paradise in Santa Cruz 20th Art Fare Mandeville, Jamaica
2012 "Mandeville Court House" National Visual Arts Competition exhibition
honors certificate. National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston.
2013 "Nearly Nude I (silver metal award), Nearly Nude 2 (merit award). Jamaica Cultural Development Corportaton 50th Anniversary International art competition & exhibition


Artist Publications

/Volumes/RCALDWELL/Write up Meaningful Coincidences.jpg/Volumes/RCALDWELL/Write up Meaningful Coincidences.jpg...

Artist Collections

University of British Columbia. “The sea and the Self”. A series of three
watercolors collected by Dr. D. McLean, Vancouver, Canada

Polaroid Corporation. A series of four hand-manipulated SX-70 Polaroid prints each 20 x 24” from “Meaningful Coincidences”. Collected by Janette Jones.Polaroid Canada Toronto, Canada

Vancouver Hospital Foundation. A series of four hand-manipulated SX-70 Polaroid prints each 20 x 24” from “Meaningful Coincidences”, on display in the main lobby of the Vancouver Hospital. Collected by Mr. James O’Hara, Vancouver, Canada

Lillian Svendson & Associates. “Reclining Nude” watercolor 20” x 36”. Collectedby Ms. Lillian Svendson, San Francisco, USA

Pacific Coast Treatment Centre. “Rockefeller Centre” hand-manipulated SX-70 Polaroid print, on display Vancouver, Canada

University of Toronto. “Queen Street Blues”, acrylic on canvas 20” x 24”. Winner, the George and Helen Vari Foundation Award. Currently on display in Health and Wellness, University of Toronto, Canada.

University of Toronto. “intersections” Four 16” x 20” photographic prints featured in the Borden Building, Toronto, Canada

1.1989 “Women & Sexuality”. Four nude watercolors featured on Rogers
Communication Programming Network, Vancouver, Canada

2.1993 “Ancient Eye with Four Heartbeats”. Acrylic on canvas 24” x 36”,
featured on Rogers Communication Program “Amok” including a personal
interview, Toronto Canada

3.1997 “Where Magazine”. October issue featured “Toad Hall”
photographic print from Meaningful Coincidences. Vancouver Canada

4.1998 Visitors Guide to Vancouver, Canada

5.1998 “Schemata” CD Rom, 24 page preview

6.1999 Personal video interview through the Knowledge Network at the
Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada

7. 2012 The National Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition page 25.

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