Artist Statement

I am sure that people are little aware of the fact that Jute, which is Eco-friendly and 100% Bio-degradable, can be used in so many ways to be used as an item of decoration and also can be used in our day to day activities. These are specialities of rural West Bengal, India and are difficult to find in the open market due to the fact that these art works are created in the remote villages of West Bengal, the major Jute producing area in India.

I can guarantee that you will be amazed to find the aesthetic beauty and the utility value of this golden fiber once you visit the web site . I am quite sure that you did not have the opportunity to come across such fabulous, exquisite art work before.

These Eco-friendly, 100% Bio degradable value added jute products are for use in the Interior Decoration and event decorations such as conference centers, banquet halls, pavilions, living rooms etc.

Event decoration and pavilion building on a turnkey basis using Eco-friendly and 100% Bio-degradable materials can also be undertaken.

Items include Jute sculptures, Jute decorative motifs, Jute wall pictures, Jute canvas with embedded jute drawings, giant & small Jute flower vases, welcome decorations for various events, conferences, wall decor items and many more decorative pieces.

Due to their unique handicraft value and ethnic looks these items become a pride of possession to the owner / user. These can be a very good gift idea as well.

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