Artist Statement -

“I was five years old, my friend´s grandmother who was a prewar academic painter, taught us how to draw and paint human body and animals.
Since that time I always liked to create „ My Own Things “.
Later, at the secondary school and at the Academy I cared to learn everything about the anatomy of the eye, hand, horse as well as how to mix colors and how to make a composition.
After my Master Degree I was so excited to be “free painter”
Finally, I had the “freedom” to paint, sculpt, cut, fix, and compose all my experiences and dreams with every material, which came through my hands.
Many years later in Paris, a French Art dealer and a wise man told me about my work “Rumen it´s a good Lyric Cubism collection”.
Nice words, however for me they are still “My Own Things””
Author is registered in MAYER auction catalogue 1995 and 1996 today, member of ADGAP since 1995

Artist Exhibitions

2020 Prague Gallery, CZ
2020 Galerie U Zlateho Kohouta “Art in Prague ” Group exhibition
2019 Galerie U Zlateho Kohouta “Art Coctail” Group exhibition
2016171819 French Cultural Institut
2015 City Gallery, Kjustendil, BG
2015 Graffiti Gallery, Varna, BG
2015 Blue Gallery, Varna, BG
2014 Chateau Liblice, CZ
2013 Galerie BKS PRAGUE exhib. “FRAGILE BEINGS”
2013-16 Ladronka areal, metal statues, paintings, Prague
2012 Gdovin Gallery Prague
2012 Golf Club Beroun, CZ
2011 Gallery grp exh , NYC,USA
2011-16 CSOB privat banking, České Budějovice, CZ
2011-16 Krystal
2010 Corte di Angelo Prague
2010 foyer theater Bez Zábradlí, Prague
2010 privat banking JT banka, Prague
2009 Gallery at U Parizana, Prague Made in Paris
2009 Museum TGM, Rakovnik, CZ
2009 Synagogue of Decin, CZ
2008 Gallery Louvre, Prague
2007 20 years after Kjustendil, BG
2007 Memories of yesterday, Culture Center, Paris, FR
1995 pre-auction exhibition in Drouot Richelieu Paris, FR
1994 pre-auction exhibition in Drouot Richelieu Paris, FR
1993 Hotel President, Prague, CZ
1993 Hotel Atrium, Prague, CZ
1992 Einwaller Partner, Wienna, AT
1992 Oriental Arts Centre, HK
1991 Red Horse Gallery, Prague, CZ
1991 Gallery Rapid, Prague, CZ
1991 Gallery Academia, Prague, CZ
1990 Privat Medical Clinic, Dordreht, Holland
1988 Urban Art Gallery, Kjustendil, BG
1998 Instalation in privat lounge of band Rolling Stones, during concert in Prague
1987 Club of Cultural Workers, Kjustendil, BG

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Owners of his pantings are for example the Bulgarian prince Kiril Tarnovski, the Spanish marquise Gloria Ferera des Monsolis, countess Kristine d´ Barout, princess Stephanie of Monaco, madame Chirac, Mr Schenker - guitarist of the band Scorpions, Hollywood star Bruce Willis and many other Czech and International VIPs.


Artist Favorites