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Artists document their lives in a pictorial or emotional journal... the pains, sorrows and joys of their path are imbedded in their own artwork. It is an honest historical documentation of their perception of reality. It maybe pleasant, intense, serene...A painting can be a life time of poetry, a life time of viewing or silent conversation for the viewer.

The thickness of the paint, the colors, textures, movement, balance, shape, line and symmetry or the absence of it all in a work of art, is creating something new and unique. Giving birth to new idea, that not only represents life but becomes life. The poetry of Art always brings out emotions of the interactionist. All this encompasses the viewer, that is the true artist. For new each perception is birthed a new meaning.

Imagine life without creating art? can't even imagine any one not believing in it. The creative process is linked to the process of solving problems and opening minds to science and equations not yet solved. It opens our evolution to questioning and solving our problems, physical and well as emotional.

It promotes healing and peace. I do art because I have to.

I do ART because I have too. It is such a strong and powerful medium of communication for me. It is the most creative and inventive way I communicate.

My art work evolves around my experiences of being a Chicana ...extremely tall ,farm worker, Berkeley Graduate,(In the 60's) Breast Cancer Survivor(Twice), mother, wife, and Teacher and now a volunteer worker and senior citizen.I expect the best to come.

I am not unique. I am only part of the whole. I am also part of the evolutionary process of everything on this EARTH. My paintings are my prayers. They give me strength, I pray when I paint. Giving thanks for the privilege of existence. It has been a difficult road of crucifiction and suffering, but as a comedian, I keep myself entertained and coping.

As I create a work of art, during this phase of my life, it continues to heal me from the injustices and pains of my experiences Many that I can not change or solve.It has taken me a life time to realize that I can not always solve the world's problems or others heart aches....but I will never give up trying.

My life has been migratory, not only in terms or the crops as a farm worker, but it terms of my world travels and volunteer work. I have migrated and evolved from one point to another, not just physically but also spiritually. I, like every living thing, am part of the ecology system, but also a part the energy that bonds our universe together. My art has also given me strength to understand the “whole” in terms of conception and death,the spiritual as well as the physical …….”there is no beginning and there is no end”. Life is much greater then our own personal existance....our creativity will take us there.

Ruth Olivar Millan, artist


A painting can be a life time of viewing and silent conversation. The thickness of the paint, the colors, and textures,movement, balance, shape,line and symetry or the absence of it all in a work of art is creating something.Giving birth to something new. Art that will bring (emotion) to the interactionist.
It is all orignial..water color mixed/ media/Acrylic or oil and created so all people can afford it. Paintings are featured on the world wide web and in galleries in all price ranges. (not prints all original paintings) Your investment needs research and much thought.
This art work evolves around the artist experiences of Breast Cancer Survivor, mother, wife, and Teacher/ volunteer worker. "My paintings are my prayers.I pray when I paint.As I work during this phase of my life, it continues to heal me from
injustices and pain." Her work has empowered her to survive and
continue to serve others in the world we live in. She spends her free time doing volunteer work (at many levels). . .

"May we continue to strive for PEACE even though we may never attain it. Life and art are about the struggle of existance not about our accomplishments.

Born in the San Joaquin Valley in the center of Califonia to two creative "campesinos" Had a great passion for art even before she held a brush in her hand. Currently she travels globally and does volunteer work with families of Cancer Survivors.Translates for Docters when needed. As a former educator, she uses this oportunity to teach the parents and well as the children About Nutrients, parenting skills ,love for books and art. After retireing from being a classroom teacher for 35 years she has found new freedom to serve and is learning new and exciting things from the people around her. She just return from China where she has in total awe with the wonderful people, their food, their history and their wonderful culture and languages.

About the Artist
Although she has a A.B. from UC Berkeley and degrees in Art and Art history and an M.A in Multi-cultural Cross Cultural Studies( History, Culture and Linguistics)she considers herself self taught and continues to learn with the people she meets. She still is in total awe at the great masters in our art galleries and musems as well as the new multi-media genius' that bravely take Art to another emotional level. She expands her knowledge and believs that art is the key to real enjoyment and passion in life. Her paintings are an intense personal intimate act. The subject matter are sketches of people met in far away lands that share their lives in their wrinkles and worn clothes. Universal themes that are beyond cultures, races and boarders embrace the viewer with a soft whisper...never war like.Her portraits are of People met or facesless characters viewed at a glance. Some are composites of many people that are given birth in the mind of this artist. While painting, she loses the human narrative and becomes an instrument of emotion to concentrate on the elements of the paint...the color, value, shape and intense line. Her paintings are contemperary in everyway yet have a timeless quality that embraces the interactionist. Glimpses of Gaughin and Van Gough as well as the colors of the German Expressionists, and the political turmoil of Mexico's Great muralist's. It is still left to the viewer's
interpretation to feel and creat a great art work.

Education and biography

VISUAL SOUL James Brown 50th Anniversary in Show Business 2006
Two Portrates of James Brown First Place International Artist
Augusta,Georgia USA

Augusta, Georgia USA

San Felipe,Baja Cal N, Mex

"Whimsy and WONDER....."
Pamona, Cal USA

Claremont/Pamona, Cal.USA

"Mi Casa ES Tu Casa"
Watsonville, Cal. USA

Culinary Institute of America
at Greystone
Napa Cal. USA

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
"Dreams of Resistance" Martin Luther King Exhibition
Sab Francisco, Cal USA

2 Paintings in their Cities permanent collection
Soledad, Cal. USA

Gray Stone Gallery
Cambria, California

The National Hispanic University
San Jose, California

Artist Exhibitions

Galeria Olivar Millan: Vinos y Arte
featuring Art all mediums Baja wine tasting and food paring
2514 calle del Sur (airport toad)
San Felipe Baja California Norte, Mexico

Casa Mexicana( on going)
Hacienda de Sol, Rancho el Dorado
San Felipe, Baja Cal N, Mexico

(408) 272-8790

Pajaro Valley Art Center
Watsonville, California

Hispanic National University
San jose, Calif,

Saratoga Community arts Center
Saratoga, California

Greystone Gallery
Cambria, Calif.

MACLA arts Center
San Francisco, Cal

Safeway Hispanic Art Calendar
South west, United States of AMerica

Galeria Olivar Millan Arte, vinos y comida
22514 calle del sur (Airport rd)
San Felipe, Baja Cal Mexico
cell 408 464 0187


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Artist Collections

Dr. Lawson and family Fresno, California

Ysabel Duron San Jose, Cal Latina Cancer Foundation

Maria Shabbling, Epicentro Advertising

Ysabel Ramirez Velasquez, Salinas, Cal

Mr and Mrs Gabriel Reyes, Morganhill, Cal

The National Hispanic University San Jose, Cal

Patricia and Jorge de la lama, San Felipe Baja, Cal Mexico

Maria Lawson Fresno, Cal

Michele and Bob McDonald, Baja Cal. Mexico

San Felipe Guadalupe Catholic Church San Felipe Baja Calif Mex.
City of Soledad , Museum Permanent collection, Soledad. Calif


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