Artist Statement

I am a Congolese by nationality,Rega by tribe.I do excellent wooden sculptures.
Genuine portraits,chests, chairs,tables,beds,sideboards and others.Types of carved items are; animals,flowers and people scenes.
Realism from six centmeters upto the life sizes of both animals and people.

Currently,I live here in Uganda capital city Kampala.I am located in kibuli.The zone is called Lubuga Zone Local Council one[L.C.1]opposite kibuli college.a workshop is called Congolese woodcarver artists workshop.Kibuli is a parish and is found two kilometers east away from the city centre Kampala.

Well, my famous name is Sadat.

Mobile phone:+256 078 513836/+256 077 369311

I was born on the 19th,November,1976,in Kasese district in Kilembe hosipital in Uganda.I was born in the family of twelve children.I am the fifth born in the family.I grew up gradually together with my parents and more loved by them.My parents used to show me a splendid parental care,they were both mosilems. I was given the names of Bwambale Sadat Edriss.Bwambale is just a sur name of the Bakonjo tribe found in the western part of Uganda particulary in kasese district.The reason as to whey I was given such name was because Bakonjo liked my farther so much since he had good personalities.They integrated him to be one of them despite the fact that he belonged to the Regga tibe of the democratic republic of Congo.My daddy arrived in Uganda in the Early 1950s.He was an antique monger and at thesame time he used to do ethnical arts of Congo inspite of the fact that his work was not authentical.His first arrival to Uganda was full of luck,joy and happiness.He found unique white people who admired his pieces of art,he sold them all,no sooner had he sold them all than he went back to Congo for more pieces.He recieved more and more orders.It was so great to him really.His second visit to Uganda he had to visit other parts of the country,he visited kasese district where there is the highest mountain in east africa called Rwenzori[MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON].This place was so nice in that most tourists could visite.By then Kilembe mine was still operating,this was during Obote one's reguime.He found there some white chaps who were working in the mine.Here he received alot of orders and this impended him from going back home.He had to settle there and bought a land in kasese town council about five hectares where he built his new home.He had to marry a Ugandan lady from Bushenyi district of Uganda.However a lady was of Kenyan origin that is Jaluo by tribe who had also settled there for some time.They stayed together with her.For the period of about one year,his wife got conveived.She gave birth to a female baby.Unfortunately one year later their doughter past away.This was of God's willing,it was so sad to them.But by the grace of God they got another male child.After there followed another female and again a female.There after I emerged the fifth born in the family.My daddy loved my mamma so much as well as us all.It was great.He was called by names of Balinganya Muhamed Edriss.His activities were woodcarving as well as farming.He prefered woodcarving most than farming because it was his lucrative business where he used to get his basic needs to satisfy his family.

I grew up together with my parents and more liked by them.Since art was in the family,I got interested in it as I would watch my daddy doing it and I believed that one day I would be like him.His characteristics were so interesting to me.He would wake up early in the morning and bath after that he would take breakfast at around eight ocklock and then enters his workshop.I got charmed by his skill .Unfortunately he never went to school.He had informal education.Since Poverty and diseases prevail among third world countries more especially in Africa, my daddy belonged to the poor fimily.Here in Africa most people lie below poverty line.He learnt his art from home.Many cultures in the democratic republic of Congo do practice woodcarving art,therefore art is a Congolese traditional.My daddy used to do ethnical arts of Raga,Luba,Songye,Chokwe,Pende and many other.His work would astonish me whenever I would enter his workshop.One day I requested him to teach me his work and he accepted,but he said son your still very young.At that time I was at six years old.I replied him that I would manage and then he said fine son but I will be teaching you during your free time.then I was very happy with him.After two days later I began learnig besides him.He started by teaching me the theory and fact of art.By that time I was six years old and I was in primary one.He tought me some names of tools and materials he used to use.At that time I was abit poor at drawing.So he could assist me through drawing.His manipulation was good in that someone could easily understand the steps taken under drawing.I began by making clumsy work.During that time handling of the mallet as well as the chisels were so difficult to me.But I got used later.
I did both ordinary and advanced levels of education.At School I used to take various art papers,like nature,human figure and woodcarving.

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