Artist Statement -

Contemplations of an existence beyond the flesh. I think most artistic creations convey a personal expression parallel to the living and breathing reality we inhabit, creating an alternate universe in essence, living and breathing in the minds of those who choose to visit.

My work is born from that alternate reality, living out its existence within the confines of the four synthetic walls of the canvas. The canvas is a window -- four panes opening one world to another. I invite the onlooker to peer into this new world, a realm built on pure human emotion. I am but a projector, extracting the images deep inside my soul, thrusting them forth into this space we call ours. Through spontaneous creation this realm is forged, its female inhabitants personifying human curiosity, vulnerability, inner strength, and devotion. Emotions flood the atmosphere in the broad spectrum of hues realized from palette to application. Their creation is a profoundly personal pit stop on the journey toward understanding.

The crusade ventures forth, through oil laden valleys and imagined forests saturated with pure pigments and textural nuances in the great expanse that is the new frontier. The vision is that of unspoken honesty, corrupted only by the eyes of the jaded and doubtful. This place is free from plaguing inhibition and manipulation. Obvious female perfection destined not to deceive but to entice. Entice an otherwise unchained audience to journey as well. To make the pit stop in this realm beyond the flesh, and maybe, just maybe, join the crusade...

If only for a little while....

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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