Artist Statement -

When I decided to create artworks on the theme of global peace and dialogue for an exhibition in Turkey, I was launched from painting landscapes into a new world. After a month of sketchbook work and research, black and white seemed the obvious and only choice for these images, so I reluctantly gave up my sumptuous oil paints.

Two concerns with working in b/w presented themselves: firstly, I find b/w rather stark and cold; additionally, I don’t like framing that separates the viewer and the work, with glass. Drawing on unprimed canvas solved both of these issues as raw canvas was a warm-sepia in tone and didn’t require glass.
After years of oil painting, I can achieve a sense of form in my work. However, my drawing work has had a flat quality with which I wanted to experiment. The technical issue of achieving structure became my goal in what had now become a series in my mind. Books have a simple structure that can be manipulated and were the perfect objects to work while developing form.

As the days of thought and scribbled sketches passed, the next consideration grew: what message do I want to convey in this work? Humans begin imitating, hours after birth and are, thus, a mimetic species; what can I add to the issue that would be worthwhile? Although I am well-intended, this is a growing process for me and I truly am journeying into unknown territory.

Symbols and Their Meanings in My Work
1. Reading glasses – the desire to see, to understand, to know
2. Ankh – timeless, eternal
3. Globe – universal, planetary concerns
4. Pitcher – nourishment, resources
5. Cattails – peace and prosperity
6. Books – knowledge and understanding
7. Trees – life
8. Water – well-being
9. Distant hills – considering the 7th generation
10. River to cross – changing an attitude
11. Twin trees – union of inner opposites
12. Dark sky – awaiting illumination

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions
2009 - The Gibson Cultural Centre, Alliston, ON - invitational
2009 – Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA – invitational
2007 – Georgian College Gallery, Barrie, ON – group
2007 – Ars Latina Camina, State Gallery, Castellon la Plana, Spain – invitational
2007 - Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, ON - invitational
2006 - Uluslarasi Sanat Festivali, Adana, Turkey – invitational
2006 - University of Watkinsville, GA – invitational
2006 - Art on Main, Alliston, ON – invitation
2006 – Strade del Mondo, Ex Chiesa di San Sebastiano, Belforte del Chient, Italia - invitational
2006 – Galleria degli Antichi Forni, Macerata, Italia - invitational
2005 – The OCAF Cultural Arts Foundation Center, Watkinsville, GA - invitational
2005 – The Museum of Arad, Arad, Romania - invitational
2004 – The Museum of Arad, Arad, Romania - invitational
2004 – The Travelling Weave Inaugural, Porto Recanati, Italy - invitational
2003 – Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy - invitational
2003 – The Apple Tree, Taos, NM - solo
2002 – Taos Invites Taos, Taos, NM – invitational
2001 – The Apple Tree, Taos NM – solo
1999 – Taos Open, Taos, NM – group
1998 – Drawings and Carvings, Taos, NM – duet
1997 – The Best of Taos, Taos, NM – juried
1996 – Maximum Drawings, Santa Fe, NM – juried
1995 – McMichael Annual Exhibition, Kleinburg, ON – juried
1995 – TAA Drawing Exhibition, Taos, NM – juried
1994 – Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery Exhibition, Kitchener, ON – group
1993 – Taos Open, Taos, NM – group
1992 – Peel Regional Art Gallery Autumn Exhibition, London, ON – juried
1991 – Crosshill Schoolhouse Painting Exhibition, Millbank, ON – duet
1990 – Wellington County Museum Exhibition, Fergus, ON – juried
1988 – Elmira Library Spring Exhibition, Elmira, ON – juried
1976 – University of Waterloo Art Exhibition, Waterloo, ON – juried

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