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Sandra Maarhuis was born in 1972, in Rotterdam. In 2001 she graduated from the Art Academy of Kampen. It was there that she mastered her painting skills. After graduating, the Dutch Art Institute offered her a place in their Master of Fine Arts course. During this two year course she was taught by Peter Struyken and Emo Verkerk, and she obtained her Master's Degree in 2003.

Apart from commissioned works and the sale of her work, her main ambition is to further develop her free artwork. A recurring theme in her visual art is the beauty that is concealed in everyday life. In awe of detail, situation or people.

And this admiration is the start of each of her paintings.
By painting in a figurative-bordering on realistic-way, she is able to portray the subject as recognizable as possible. The final goal is to let the painting exceed the picture. To be captivated first before realising it’s a "picture in a frame".

Sandra has a new working space ( atelier) at the Koningsstraat 73, Hilversum. If you'd like to visit it, you're welcome to make an appointment.


Besides paintings, Sandra Maarhuis also does photo collages.

Sandra Maarhuis: "Painting can be such a tough discipline that photo collages are a way for me to blow off steam".

A recurring theme in her collages is the beauty of everyday life. This results in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from buildings and interiors to still lifes.

Yet each work reflects the amazement with which she turns small, everyday things into monumental objects. By taking several pictures of small fragments of the subject, she creates puzzle-like mosaics in which surprisingly, the subject is still recognizable in a clear, powerful way.

The pictures are taken from one single viewpoint (using a tripod), which results in a sense of fragmentized alienation.

Sandra Maarhuis: 'By using these techniques I'm able to create a new image, and add my own astonishment to the existing one'.

Sandra also does commissioned photo collages. To have a collage made of a building or interior of your choice, please contact Sandra Maarhuis directly.

For more information about Sandra Maarhuis and her artworks, visit her official website:

Artist Exhibitions

Selection Art exhibitions (2008 - 2013)

2013 European Patent Office with Jerome Coppo
Rijswijk the Netherlands (duo)
2012 Het spant!
Bussum, the Netherlands (solo)
2012 Add Business Point
Hilversum, the Netherlands (solo)
2012 Art en Living fair Dudok Arena
Hilversum, the Netherlands (solo)
2012 Open studio day
Hilversum, the Netherlands (solo)
2011 Consumption art, Project 72
Alkmaar, the Netherlands (group)
2011 Studio visit by : made in Hilversum”
Hilversum, the Netherlands
2011 Auction Rotary club
Hilversum, the Netherlands
2010 Project miniature
Museum Huizen, the Netherlands (group)
2010 School project
Museum Hilversum, the Netherlands (group)
2010 Sterken interiors
Valkenswaart, the Netherlands (solo)
2010 Gallery Jan Eikenaar
“Kunstschouw ”Burg-Haamstede, the Netherlands (group)
2010 Art-route Zijpe
Zijpe, the Netherlands ( group)
2010 Academic society, Eindhoven
the Netherlands (solo)
2009 Gallery Likum and Museum Zenika
Visoco, Bosnia group)
2009 Het Spant!, Bussum,
The Netherlands (group)
2009 Library Laren, the Netherlands
Exhibition of photo collage and paintings (solo)
2009 European Patent Office “Stadtraum”
Duo exhibition with Stephan Hafner ( Austria) ( duo)
2008 “Art-Event” Antwerpen, Belgium
The Art Fare of Belgium ( solo)
2008 Gallery “La Chamotte”, Laren, the Netherlands
“Art Week” (group)
2008 “Church of South” , Hilversum, the Netherlands
“Art for saving the Church” (group)
2008 Gallery European Art Makers
Amsterdam, the Netherlands (group)
2008 Gallery GSA, Hilversum, the Netherlands
“Gooise” artists as visitor” (group)
2008 Open Studio Days
50 artist open the doors of there studios for public
2008 Film Theater, Hilversum, the Netherlands
“Photo collages of Sandra Maarhuis” ( solo)
2008 Museum Hilversum, the Netherlands
“Dudok manifesto”, Hilversum the Netherlands ( group)


2005 Staff magazine royal post
2006 Newspaper “Gooi en Eemland”
Interview by Wilma Klaver
2006 Television Hilversum
Interview by Maurits de Jong
2007 Day Calendars 2007
2007 Television Hilversum
Interview by Maurits de Jong
2007 Goois Woonmagazine
Interview by Stefan Maas
2007 Television Hilversum
Studio quest
2007 Day Calendars 2008
2007 Newspaper “Gooi en Eemlander
Interview by Wilma Klaver
2007 Catalogue art manifesto “Dudok”
Artist of “Hilversum”
2008 Publication Day Calendars 2008
2008 Catalogus
Art Menifesto “Dodok”
2009 Book “Goois fruit”
publisher Wijland
2009 Catalogus “Art is boundless”
2010 Magazine Koek


2004 Artist in-residence
Seven-C, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2006 Artist in-residence
Puzzle project, Bucharest, Romania

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