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In our busy life, I dream to make you see and look at life through my paintings. I always strive to capture the beauty of creation. 

People are my source of inspiration. I hope you will travel with me, dance with the dancer and enjoy living. Painting is for me a process of joy, peace, excitement and challenge. But most of all, speaking without words, expressing feelings without speech...


Born in Switzerland in 1969, Solange Berger's childhood included drawing and music. Even after earning a degree in architecture, Solange found herself drawn more to the artistic nature of the profession than to the technical side of it. 

Five years later, after receiving a box of paint as a birthday gift, she found herself awakening to her artistic talents. After some self-teaching, she moved with her husband to the United States. Over the following three years, she studied under famous California-based teachers -- and her artistry blossomed. In 2000, Solange began to show and sell her work with the San Francisco Bay Area's Abbey Foundation for the Arts. 

Returning to her homeland in 2001, Solange Berger continued to express herself through painting, inspired by impressionist painters as well as the birth of her daughter. The artist shifted perspective the following year. She exhibited artwork featuring more people and narrative. 

As of 2003, Berger has been sharing her love of painting by teaching art classes.
In 2004, after a trip in Africa, Gambia and Senegal, she came back with a few drawings and pastels, inspiring her to paint a dozen paintings, oil on canvas.

Since 2005, she has been spending hours upon hours figuring out how to express herself.
Working on the theme of dance in collaboration with the “Melinda Dance Center” was a turning point in her artistic journey. During two years, she attended the rehearsals and roughly sketched with charcoal.
She found a more personal style, worked on a larger format, and experimented with material, collage and mixed media.
In 2007, she worked in collaboration with a school in Bienne and took her inspiration from actors performing Gluck’s play called “The Drunkard Reformed”.
In 2008, she chose the people she met in the street as a theme which led to a personal exhibition in 2010.
Meanwhile she also worked on illustrations for a children’s book and CDs, published and released in 2012 in Germany, in collaboration with Sabine Wiediger, singer and songwriter.
In 2011, she tackled the theme of foreigners, using her art to deal with a contemporary and sensitive issue. She drew her inspiration from the streets of her city, from the memories of her trips and from multicultural festivals. In June 2014, an exhibition was realized in collaboration with foreigner’s associations and gave her the opportunity to paint in front of the public in the middle of the street.
In 2015, a new artistic turning point started with a lot of questioning as she discovered Paperclay and began to work on sculptures, looking for a new way of expressing herself.

Artist Exhibitions

Solo exibition 
Juin 2014, Galerie d'Art, La Tour de Diesse, Neuchâtel
March 2010, Galery d'Art, La Tour de Diesse, Neuchâtel
November 2006, Melinda Dance Center, Neuchâtel
Fevrier 2001, Art show solo, Palo Alto, California
Duo exibition
June 2015, Galery d'Art, La Tour de Diesse, Neuchâtel
July 2013, Galery Artistico Mosaico, Fully, Switzerland
January 2009, Galery Arcane, Corcelles,Neuchâtel,Switzerland 
September 2003, Galery La tour de Diesse, NE, Switzerland

Art Group Show 
November 2013, MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland
November 2012, MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, Switzerland
August 2012, Mont-Blanc-Art Discovery - Saint-Gervais /France 
August 2011, Mont-Blanc-Art Discovery - Saint-Gervais /France 
November 2008,International Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland 
November 2007,International Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland 
August 2004, Galey des Talents, Nant, FR, Switzerland 
February 2001, Art show solo, Palo Alto, California 
June 2001, Montbello, California 
May 2001, Woodside, California 
August 2000, Los Altos Hills, California...

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Artist Collections

O. Guenat, Montréal, Canada
S. Hougthon, Felton, CA, USA
L. Wright, Redwwod City, CA, USA
Y. Ryser, Savagnier, Switzerland
K. Hardison, Redwwod City,CA, USA
S. Johnson, Redwwod City, CA, USA
B. Mount, Livermore, CA, USA
J. Ramsey,Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
H. Amster, Leutwil, CH
C. Wyss, Chables, CH
G. Piaget, Motier, CH

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