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My canvases are melting pots of imagination, existence and personal quests.

With paint and it’s possibilities of probing inner and outer worlds, I explore my different universes - as a woman, an artist, a professional, a family member, an intrepid traveller, a lost soul, a dreamer…… believer, a seeker .

With the Universe Series I seek to express my complete enchantment with the luminosity, and unending glory of this huge universe and it’s magical ways, in some ways finding tenuous connections to the infinite forces that we are a part of ….

The magic of nearby constellations, far-away galaxies, supreme supernovae, bright young stars, star forming nebulae and their stories have I tried to explore and capture in the ‘Universe Series’ – conversations on canvas between the viewer, the artist and the unknown.

The birth of young stars in regions rich in gas and dust from exploding stars or supernovae, gigantic collisions of galaxies twisting them out of shape temporarily, huge emissions of heavy metals including gold and platinum spat out by supernovae when they burst, the impossibly beautiful colours of dead stars refusing to fade away…….
Somehow all this enchants and speaks simultaneously of the transient amazing entity that is life itself…… measured in moments or millennia or millions of light years………

Artist Exhibitions

(Most recent Shows – Parallax International Art Fair, Feb 2013, London, 'In Search of God' at Tagore Centre, ICCR, Kolkata (Dec 2012), Red-Dot, Miami Dec 2011, India Art Festival Nov 2011,Mumbai, Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata, Jan 2012)

Nine Solo Exhibitions, Twenty Eight Group Shows in India & Abroad

FaceBook 2009, a collection of oils & acrylics, my eighth solo exhibited at the Artists' Centre, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, during Aug 3-9, 2009.
Thank You EveryOne for making this such a big success....

'Light & dark', my seventh solo exhibited at the NCPA Modern Art Gallery, Nariman Point,Mumbai, during March28 -Apr1, 2009,

A really grand success !

The Imagination Series', a collection of abstract oils, my sixth solo exhibited at the Artists' Centre, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, during June 2-15, 2008.
Thank You EveryOne for making this such a big success, I am grateful A very big thanks to the Smile Foundation.

'Mumbai fuchshia, blues & every other hue' my fifth solo exhibition showed at the historic Artists' Centre, Klaghoda, in the very heart of Mumbai's art district during Marh 5-18, '07.
It seems to have struck a chord with every Mumbaikar or Bombayite, from discerning art lovers to simple walk-ins; and the media coverage has been exceptional with reviews, write-ups & listings galore! Thank you everyone, for your terrific support. 'Mumbai illumines'spans across March 5-18, '07; drop in for a dekko if you're in town, cheers

'The Universe Series'- my fourth solo exhibition in Mumbai was amazingly well received by the media, art lovers, artists and critics. My sincere thanks to everyone for their support and appreciation... Special thanks to Ananda, Radhika, Anil, Sundari - it wouldn't have been possible without you! The Universe showed at The Artists' Centre Kalaghoda, during June 5-18, 2006.

"Innocence' my third solo exhibition in Mumbai (at The Artists' Centre Kalaghoda, during April 3-9, 2006)
'Thank you patrons, media, art lovers, artists, friends, family and all those who helped my third solo exhibition 'Innocence' be so 'happening'....

Exhibition of Indian Fine Arts at Barli Museum, Bandung, July 16-31, 2005

April'05 International Exhibition of Indian FineArts at WTC, Jakarta, Indonesia, April 2005

Special recognition Award at International Juried Exhibition - Spiritual VII, Period Gallery, USA.

Concern India's Monsoon Exhibition, Mumbai, Aug 4-7,'04

Artists' Centre's Annual Exhibition at Ador House, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, Oct 21-29,'04

As an IIT alumni, Exhibited at the Global PanIIT 2004 Conference at New Delhi during Dec 24-25, 2004

Solo exhibition 'KALEIDOSCOPE OF CREATION, Museum Gallery, Mumbai, June 7-13,'04.

Special Recognition Award for 'Mumbai Fast' at International Juried Exhibition - Faces III, Period Gallery, USA.

1. International Juried Exhibitions : Faces III, Contemporary VI, Landscape IV, at Period Gallery, USA

2. My website at;
3. My Galleries at

Solo Exhibition'Colours of India'- Exhibition of Selected Paintings ('99-'04), Artists' Centre, Mumbai, March 29 -April 4, '04. Thank You Viewers and Patrons for your warm appreciation, enthusiasm and support.......

Artist Publications

Reviews in Bombay Art Society Journal, Every Tuesday

Coverage in art& culture sections of Times of India, DNA, Asian Age,Time Out Mumbai.....

New York Arts Magazine
Featured in Tips and Picks Directory:

'Mumbai Illumines' featured in Times of India's West Side Plus in an article by Jigna Padhiar March 10,'07); and in Asian Age in an article by Sneha Shaw (March 12,'07); in addition to listings in events in Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, DNA,

Bombay Times dated June 15, 2006 featured my solo exhibition 'The Universe Series' in an article titled 'Across the Universe'by Anil Sadarangani

DNA dated June 7, 2006, featured my solo exhibition 'The Universe Series' in an article titled 'Glimpses of the Universe Captured on Canvas'by Radhika Dwivedi

DownTown Plus, Times of India, April 7, 2006 covered my third solo exhibition 'Innocence' in Mumbai in a Feature : Innocence in Art

Mid-Day Metro, April 7, 2006, covered my third solo Innocence in a Feature : Smeetha has Inoocent-ly Captured Life's Images

Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, Indian Express, Times of India, Asian Age, DNA, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Afternoon, Free Press Journal have listed the exhibition

The Free Press Journal, April 6, 2006 in Morning Encounter, featured 'Art gives me complete freedom, expression'

Afternoon, April 6, 2006 covered Innocence in a feature 'The Art of Innocence'

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Mumbai City Engagements (Sify News, Use link Below)

Sahara TV News (Mumbai Art & Culture, June 13, '04)

Apr2, 2004, Bombay Times, Pg 4
By Malati Kallapur Vijay

When art became an all consuming passion, even an IIT Master's degree and a promising profession in engineering and software could not hold Smeetha Bhoumik back. She had to take that headlong plunge. And she came up with amazing results to compensate for that.
"It happened in stages, and when it did I knew where I was headed", says Smeetha.
Her first painting came to life in 1998 in Mumbai and then began the prolific period. Her canvases traverse the colourful tapestry of experiences, emotions, travels, relationships....
Born and nurtured in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas - DehraDoon - the place too has played it's part in shaping her artistic imprints. "Art to me is the intersection of real and imagined worlds" says Smeetha. Her first exhibitions were in the virtual world and she received admiration from all over the world. Currently, she's holding her first solo show "Colours of India' at Artists Centre, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, till April 4. As the title suggests, on display is a profusion of colours that depict a spectrum of themes and emotions. "Exploring interpersonal relationships is another aspect of my work" Smeetha says.
Malati Kallapur Vijay
For more reviews go to

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