Artist Statement -

I photograph "sea-worn stories" in the weathered and worn paint on the sides of ships at sea. With my camera I capture distressed painted steel, thus presenting an intimate look at what most people not only never see, but generally are not even aware of. With that I reveal some intensely dramatic abstract imagery and the grand power of an ever moving force - the sea.

Artist Exhibitions

Emeryville Festival of the Arts, Emeryville California, 10/2012
Cruise Ship “The World”, Monterey to San Francisco, 6/2012
Golden Gate Gallery, Corte Madera, California, 5/2012
Art People at Crocker Galleria, San Francisco, 2008 to 2011
Galeria Arte Consult, Panama City, Republic of Panama, 10/2007 - current
Silkart Gallery, Walnut Creek, California, Solo Exhibit, 25 works, 12/2006 - 1/2007
Inter-Art Museum, (Juried Group), 3 works, Tokyo, Japan, 11/2006 - 1/2007
RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, 20 works, Group Show, 10/2006
Hapag Lloyd, MS/Europa, Solo Show, 25 works, Dubai to Hamburg, 5-6/2006
VIII Salon y Colloquio Arte Digital, 3 works, Group Show, Havana, Cuba, 6/2006
Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, 1/2006 to present
Inter-Art Museum, (Juried Group), 3 works, Tokyo, Japan, 11/2005 - 1/2006
Inter-Art Museum, 11/2007, Silver Award for "Arrowfall"
Überseemuseum Bremen, Solo Exhibition, 80 works, Bremen, Germany, 6-8/2005
Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, 2/2005
Raw Arts Festival, (Juried Group) London, UK, 8/2004
Period Gallery (Juried), Lincoln, NE, May 2004
Gallery Now, (Juried) 2004 Online Exhibition
The Armory Show 2003/2004 (Juried) Online Exhibition
East Bay Pro Arts Exhibition (Group) Emeryville, CA, 12/2003

Artist Publications


An Essay by Val Stokes, Long Island, NY

Every ship’s hull tells a story – a painted one, that reveals a narrative in the abstract. Seaman and artist Klaus Lange focuses his camera on this wonderful narrative. The ship’s sea-worn hull, like a painted canvas, is the product of much life spent, much time passed, and much potential beauty found in the interim. It is a most poetic container of time and record that Lange’s camera brings into focus. His photographic images find the sublime in physical struggle and natural beauty. In such a way, his work references modernist abstraction. Yet, his work is a photographic representation of paint -- optically not unlike a Jules Olitski or Clifford Still painting. Lange’s work delicately transforms ships’ water-worn, sea-affected finish, into a heroic skin of painted abstraction. In essence, he finds and highlights intriguing moments of abstraction at sea. In this way his work is quite traditional, yet Lange’s unique subject matter – photographed paint, makes his work quite radical as well. Lange’s photographs are a simultaneous indulgence in, and criticism of, painterly expression. It is a rethinking of painting and photography’s visual mechanics. He offers a new way to see abstract painting, and simultaneously, a new way to see photography. Lange puts forth a new type of painting meta-narrative – the story of nature diminishing materiality, told through abstract photography. Quite amazing are the inventive and seemingly purposeful forms that the sea has worn onto certain ships. Lange’s abstraction is a thoughtful look at these stunning formations. Once mounted onto canvas, the photographic element of Lange’s work becomes less apparent. What initially appears to be a painting, upon second look is seen as a photographic Giclee print. The mounting and presentation of these photographs is a poignant commentary on painting, whereby the ship’s sea-worn story is told like that of an abstract expressionist’s. ...

Artist Collections

TUI, corporate offices, Hannover, Germany
Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg Germany
Uebersee Museum, Bremen, Germany


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