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Welcome, I am a full-time police artist, or forensic artist, for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. I’ve actually been a police officer since March of 1980. My background as an investigator has been an important part of my success as a police artist but, my passion for art is the key ingrediant. I feel blessed that my artistic skills make a difference in peoples lives, as well as the contribution to sucessful prosecutions in major case investigations throughout Central Florida. I used to do most my police art in pencil, however now I use a Wacom pad and the computer to "airbrush" my work such as suspect composite drawings, age progression drawings, skull reconstructions, and post mortem drawings. There are numerous examples on this site that illustrate what computer art looks like. It is still done by hand except it's within the computer. I also do commercial art for the Sheriff, which I get to use my own creative freedom. I call it “artistic support.” Artistic support comes in the form of illustrations, unit logos, t-shirt designs, memorial portraits, and police related paintings and renderings. When I do artistic support, I like to use various mediums such as oil painting, airbrush paintings, and computer art. I am honored to do memorial portraits of our fallen deputies. I enjoy animal portraits as well. I strive for realism in my art, color, and personal technique. I have a studio at home where I paint with oil, acrylic airbrush, and do metal skulptures with my welder and plasma cutter. I have been using the airbrush a lot more lately, especially since I’ve gotten back into motorcycling. Now, I do custom motorcycle art as well. Art is my passion, art is my life.

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