Artist Statement -

Art for the Soul by Richard Lazzara, artist - owner art gallery in Boulder Colorado, listed - Shankar Gallery.

Artist Exhibitions

1972 BRATA GALLERY,NYC.NY. - first show of oils on canvas
1975 HANSEN GALLERY,NYC.NY - shows of acrylic and canvas
1975 ROKO GALLERY,NYC.NY - calligraphy on small rice papers
1975 AAMES GALLERY,NYC.NY - a show of paintings on canvas
1975 ALLAN STONE GALLERY,NYC,NY. -Prajna Paramita Pyramid Book Art -"new talent"
1975 CHUCH LEVITAN GALLERY,NYC,NY. -first show of Advaita Miniatures
1976 HANSEN GALLERY,NYC.NY. - show of early Mahasamadhi paintings
1976 AAMES GALLERY,NYC.NY. - show of long sumie rice papers and calligraphy papers
1981 "YOG MOUNTAIN - RIVERS TO SEA" - published book by S.S.Shankar
1986 MASTER GOLDSMITH GALLERY,Boulder,CO. - Nada Series and Sumie Doors show
1987 LIGNE ROSET GALLERY,Denver,CO. - Sumie Doors showing
1991 NAROPA INSTITUTE GALLERY,Boulder,CO. - 'Red energy' show - A Full Spectrum Art show and the Shankar Art VIDEOS PREMIERE.
1999 - launching of Shankar Art on the World Wide Web with over 108 paintings - truly "Art for the Soul".
1991 to present day - SHANKAR GALLERY,Boulder,CO.USA. - The continuous show space for S.S.Shankar is founded.
2005 KAATERSKILL GALLERY,Hudson,N.Y.,Richard Lazzara Light and Color Acrylics,August 1-31,2005

Artist Publications

Jurate Macnoriute writes in "The Secrets of Perfection "
LIGHT-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS.ORG Magazine13 / 1 "YATRA" - Pilgrimage of the Heart by Sankalpa Sannyasi Shankar .LIGHT-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS.ORG Magazine14 / 3 Paintings for article by Krishna Das - "IN THE PRESENCE OF LOVE UNIMAGINABLE".

Artist Collections

The Shankar Gallery, Boulder, CO.USA. curator of the RICHARD LAZZARA PAINTINGS Collection of Fine Arts.
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