Artist Statement

Woman figure is the main theme of this exhibition entitled “Hope.”

Woman body has been an inspirational and interest motive for many artists in the Art History. I had intended to take this concept in order to reflect not only the woman beauty and sensuality but also to incorporate my own living experiences within the history frame that my generation had lived.

I would like to establish a dialogue between the audience and my paintings to provoke controversy and interest toward concepts of identity, spirituality and love.

Characters portray feelings of love, defiance, meditation, hope, and encourage the spectator to dream.

Nudity is not used to identify woman figure as a sex symbol but a bearer of feelings, spirituality, expressiveness and determination to pursue happiness and new ideas in the social scenario.

The use of celestial settings depicted In the skies and clouds are implemented to reflect spirituality and its interaction with daily life.

Techniques such as oil, pastel and cut-out are present in my paintings and drawings as a mean to transmit emotions and expressiveness.

It’s creativity that strives me to seek new ways of expression to materialize my work. To create multiple scenarios with the only objective to express my inner truth.

Artist Exhibitions

2002 “Unfoldings”, Domingo Ravenet Gallery, La Lisa, Cuba.
“Cuban Identity”, Virtual Gallery at Espectro Art Gallery

2001 “My Pettit Space”. St Paul Cathedral, Rome, Italy.

2000 “Attainable Nature”, Nature History Museum, Old Havana.
“Beginnings”, Diaz Pelaez Gallery of San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Cuba.
“Artist Portfolio with 50 images at Virtual Gallery web site

1999 Thesis Graduation Exhibition “Insight Space” at Pelaez Gallery, San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, La Habana, Cuba.

2009 "Esotic Illusions" Artfusion Galleries, Miami,Fl.
“Artistas Contemporaneaos Cubanos” Galeria Jose Lorenzo, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, March
“Santiesteban Print Schmidt Gran Opening, Miami , Florida, February.

2008 “Beyond the Beach” Exhibition at the Atelier Gallery, Miami, Fl, December
“A ULTIMA CEIA”Exposición Colectiva de Pintura, Escultura y Fotografia,Galeria de Arte Contemporáneo Sacramento, Aveiro, Portugal, July.

2008 “SUA MAJESTADE, O REI !”Concurso/Exposición, Galeria de Arte Contemporáneo y el Museu do Vino Bairrada, Anadia, Portugal.

2007 “The Grand Opening of Work of Art Gallery’Second Location”, Pompano Beach, Fl,
“Group Exhibition” Allison Gallery, Miami, Fl.
“Street Cluster Artist 2007 Mad Hatter Festival” Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl.

2006 ”Street Cluster Artist 2006 Mad Hatter Festival”, Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl,
November 11-12.

2004 “Carnival”, Last Friday Cultural Event of La Calle Ocho, Miami Fl
”Identifications”, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

2002 “ Watercolors”, Finalist Artist. Works presented at Watercolor Contest, Domingo Ravenet, Havana, Cuba.

2001 “Cuban and American Artists Exhibition, U.S. Interests Section, Havana, Cuba.
“ Los que llegan”, young Artists Project, Gallery Domingo Ravenet, Havana.
Septimo Salon de Artes Plasticas Flora 2001: Homage to Rene Portocarrero, Marianao
Cultural Center, Habana, Cuba.

2000 Fayad Jamis Small Format “00 Exhibition, University of Havana Gallery, Novr- Dec
Winter Auction, Imago Gallery, Grand Theatre of Havana.
Group Exhibition, Washington Street Art Center Gallery, Boston.
2nd Exhibition of Students Graduated from San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Simon Bolivar Gallery, Old Havana, March.

1999 Auction Fall, Imago Gallery of The Great Theater of Havana, Cuba.
Playa Salon “99, Servando Cabrera Moreno Gallery, Havana, Cuba, May-June.

1998 Academia 98, Diaz Pelaez Gallery, Marianao, Cuba, January.


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